Bulova "Golden Clipper" - The Sword!

I searched for one of these swords for years. As there were only 100 said to have been produced, it could be said that they are scarce. One of our past panel members, Greg (oldticker) has one but my inquiries as to it's availability went unanswered. This summer I found one in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A short negotiation later, it was mine. I don't display many Bulova items in my home office, generally I only have a half dozen or so watches out on display but this beauty is on the wall with a couple other Bulova pieces I treasure. It's just under 36 inches long ( about 91 cm) and is in excellent condition for it's age. It did not come to me with a scabbard, I don't know if it had one originally but I suspect it did not. Yes, I have one of the watches pictured in the advert, and of COURSE it's New Old Stock.

Enjoy a REAL Bulova Golden Clipper!!

Here's a nice advert: