Consecutive serial numbers.

I have a passion for the 10bpac movement.  Scrolling through the advertisment section I found one of the models that I have.  The V54 W 1013/4  as well as the sunburst models with white or black dials are the mainstays.  I noticed that on the V54 I have serial numbers that are only 23 numbers apart.

6010328 & 6010351....Is this something to ooh and aah about?  Are they worth more being so close in number??

Comments would be appreciated. 


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William Smith
Posted January 25, 2015 - 9:59pm

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I think you are referring to the serial numbers on the cases of the watches, not on the 10BPAC movements.  I did a quick search for either of the two serial numbers in our watch database, and didn't see either.  It would be easier for us to discuss if we knew which complete watches you are referring to.  While we don't know alot about Bulova serial numbers, there are some givens which we can assume are "across the board" for manufacturing.  ...and like we so often find in both the natural and man-made world, things that are close together are more similar than things that are further apart.  This is true spatially, temporally, and in the case of manufacturing serial numbers, alpha-numericly.  This applies to species of trees in a forrest, building code/zoning plat maps in a state, or Bulova serial numbers.  
I would venture to say that very close serial numbers (say 23 units apart) are quite likely to be on the same models, unless one hits a "break point" between models in this range. 

Posted January 25, 2015 - 10:23pm

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There would be no additional value is having close numbers IMO, as this would be a normal manufacturing aspect. It's cool that you have watch within a small range, but that would be were the coolness ends. 

Still we'd love to se the watches in question.