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Joseph Bulova 1851-1931. His were the ideals, the ambition, the ability and the courage of the pioneer. On the bedrock of intelligent, honest service to the trade, he built his enterprise,  and on that basis has flourished the organization his genius conceived.




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Posted July 4, 2012 - 6:07pm

Indeed, a very good man.

Jim Townsend
Posted July 4, 2012 - 6:33pm

Wish i could have seen his collection!  Happy 4th to all the yanks's picture
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Arde Bulova learned the jewelry business under his father and founder of the Bulova Watch Company. By 1930, Arde Bulova became Chairman of the Board. During the thirties, Arde Bulova found new markets for timepieces. He became a supplier to the munitions industry. This expansion began a long and profitable relationship between the Bulova Watch Company and a revitalized defense industry.

Arde Bulova was active in real estate and joined with Norman K. Winston in several undertakings, one of which was Garden Bay Manor in Jackson Heights.

During the forties, the Bulova Watch Company grew as a defense contractor. By the late forties Bulova had branches in Canada and Switzerland. In 1953, the Bulova Watch Company underscored the importance of defense work to their market position. They appointed an unassigned army officer as chairman of their research and development laboratories. This officer was General of the Army, Omar N. Bradley.

Arde Bulova died in 1958. His funeral procession showed his influence stretched beyond watchmaking. Governor W. Averell Harriman headed the political dignitaries. Two former general-grade officers were among the eighty-eight honorary pallbearers. They were Omar N. Bradley, chairman of the Bulova Research and Development Laboratories and Melvin J. Maas, chairman of the President's Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped. Four days later, Omar N. Bradley succeeded Arde Bulova as Chairman of the Board of the Bulova Watch company.



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I hope that both he and his father are looking down on all of us with a smile.

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Reverend Rob
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Arde Bulova was responsible for the "Bulova School of Watchmaking", and encouraging injured War Vets to train at the new trade. Returning War Vets were often seen as a burden and also a menace by govt and society, and the Watchmaking school was handicap accessible, allowing many men a whole new career. A truly admirable undertaking.