Need 19EA Balance Wheel or Movement for Bulova Timer

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G'day Inmates,

I know it's a long shot, but I need a balance wheel for a 19EA movement in a 1950's Bulova Timer Stopwatch. This model isn't particularly common. Does anyone know if a balance wheel from another movemnet will work? Doesn't seem likely, but it's worth a shot. The movement is based on a Valjouz calibre '57, so perhaps a balance wheel from another manufacturer might work?

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Reverend Rob
Posted June 27, 2015 - 11:50am

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The Valjoux 57 is a Rattrapante Stopwatch, and is based on the Valjoux 24. The staffs are the same, but balance may vary slightly. This same ebauche was widely used by Heuer.

You'd need to find a watchmaker to re-staff it, assuming that is all that is wrong. Often if the broken staff is the result of a severe shock, other parts can be damaged, like the escape wheel or possibly the pallet arbor. As always, I strongly recommend getting the watch serviced if you intend to use it, as a dry or dirty watch can damage itself by running. That said, these types of watches have sporadic run durations, unless they are in constant use, and are often in excellent condition because of this.