Hi all, I've been asked to make an offer on a NOS 10BP movement and want to make a fair offer but have no idea what that would be. The guy also has a 23j 10BPAC movement not sure yet if it's used or not. I would be very grateful to anyone who could give me an idea of what I should offer, thanks in advance

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Reverend Rob
Posted February 10, 2016 - 5:07pm

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Used or NOS, both would need to be properly serviced. To run a dried out or dirty movement will cause damage, and I always factor this into any price for a used watch, NOS or not. 

Before I went to watchmaking school, I got a dead mint Fifty Fathoms type of dive watch at a flea market. It took only three months of daily wear before it destroyed itself, it was that dry. The dried lubricants had formed a paste which was abrasive, and this ate at the pivots and caused excessive friction when winding and setting, as well as when running. Fortunately we were able to rebuild it while I was at school, but it was an important first lesson.

You may already know this, I only mention it for the record.

To that end, I try and pay as little as possible for unserviced watches and movts, but it would be difficult to say what a fair price would be for either, and we don't do valuations here at any rate. If you check eBay, you will find the range from highest to lowest, and ideally you want it on the low side. 

Hope this helps.

Posted February 10, 2016 - 7:58pm

Thanks for the response Rev, I knew the movement would need servicing if swapped straight over(certainly don' mind you pointing it out, I'm not a watchmaker and often learn things when an expert states something they figure I might already know), I was more looking at it as an opportunity to purchase a complete set of nos spare parts as opposed to buying a used movement and finding the part my watchmaker needs is wrecked.

As for ebay there aren't any nos movements listed and I was hoping to get it sorted in the next day or so before the guy lists it. In case you're wondering why I'm considering buying I'm in the UK and parts are more scarce and when you factor in shipping costs from the US on an individual part usually at least triple the cost, ebays global shipping program won't combine shipping. I'm basically planning ahead and if nothing else I would perhaps have a useful trade should I ever find someone with a spare 11atrcd movement.

I understand you don't do valuations on watches but hadn't realised it applied to buyers seeking parts but it's fair enough, can I ask how often nos movements turn up? (yeah I know kinda daft question) my instinct was to jump on it and any others I come across (within reason) but if you think thats pointless or crazy feel free to say so, I guess those of you in the USA have the relative luxury of being able to source most parts for reasonable prices.

Grateful to hear any opinions

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Reverend Rob
Posted February 11, 2016 - 1:51am

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If someone has parts or movts that someone is looking for, we always deal with this as a private matter, that is, someone will ask if anyone has such and such a movt or part, and will recieve PMs from someone else on how much they want for them, etc. It's much harder to say in an open forum what something should or should not be worth or what would be a fair price, since we are all international members here, and prices are all over the map, and too many factors come into play. 

I buy movts and parts from the UK all the time, and I specifically avoid the global shipping program, it is out and out fraud. 

NOS movts will cost more, but as long as you are buying a running watch or movt and the pics look really clean, it's 9 times out of ten a good buy. Problems can arise when movts have been taken out of watches and allowed to rattle around in drawers or bins for years, and they will look really scratched up and bad, so appearance can be a good determining factor. Movts still inside their cases are protected.