Older model?

My Dad gave me a Bulova watch for high school graduation in 1958, and it had a white face with silver markers shaped like the tip of an arrow at each hour spot.  I think the only numbers were 12; 3; 6; and 9. 

I think in had a leather Navy blue band.  I carelessly lost the watch in my Freshman year of college (1959-60), and I have had an enormous guilt feeling ever since, because it was a very special gift from my Dad. I'm pretty sure it was a self-winding watch, which was a very big deal at the time.  It had a sweep second hand, I believe.  The face was about the size of a large quarter.

Does anyone know what model watch that might be and where I could find one to possibly purchase?


Posted January 13, 2014 - 10:30pm

If you go to the search tab and click on "My Bulova Watches" you can select the year 1958 and search on the models that come up for comparison.

Just a quick look and it may have been a Bulova 23, a Jet Clipper and there are other self winding that meet your description.