One More Time - Can You Help?

I am looking for 2 (two) or 4 (four) Bulova 306 Regular Crowns. These are white, or silver color. One good samaritan member wrote me that he had them in his hand....but now can't find them now (Does this ever happen to you? If are not alone!). So close...yet so far away! I also need 2 (two) 142 Crown for a 10CPACD. These are yellow or gold color.I unfortuately can't match them to loose stock or request them from others with loose stock without knowing the diameter, depth/length, and tap sizes. My catalong only lists the replacement crown numbers and does not include drawings and size information like the old 1952 Catalog. If you know the sizes of these crowns, please shoot me a a PM. Better yet...if you have any of them available...shoot me a PM. I sure would like to pick some up. Thanks! Rob