Projects Part Two

Hello everyone.  I'm going through my project box and cleaning house.  Most of these are projects mind you... some are in better shape than others.  Some run... some don't... all will need a cleaning regardless.  Some need crystals... hands... redials.  I mostly got them because the cases were pretty good. 

Some of the watches have some hotspots that are really magnified because of the high def I took the pics in.  These are just the start of about 35 I'm passing on...  I'd love to see some of our guys get these back where they need to be!

Ah.. heh some of the names might be wrong.. just working from memory here and haven't had time to look the close ones up...

If you see something you like PM me with what it is and I can shoot you some more pics and we can talk a deal.

1941 Spencer

1941 Spencer (uhmmm Spencer 2 I guess?)

1941 Commodore

1941 Westchester

1942 Chief

1942 Senator

1943 Blackout

1945 Senator