Is this a Restored 3818A Dial?

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Hi there ^_^ Everyone

Firstly a big thank you to all for the lovely replies last week it has really made me enthusiastic because i am looking at making a big purchase and trying to find the right  Bulova Type-A17A 3818A as it is my Favorite Military wrist watch that i really like  :)

I found this lovely Bulova Mil-3818A  on a website and i highly recommened as the owner of the website is so nice to me and accommodating sending me extras pictures and answering my questions that i asked and that really makes a big difference.

(I was not certain if i could mention the website) but i will if aloud :D

But i have to find out...

But I am a little unsure about the -Dial and hands- originality

- Do you think the Dial and hands have been Restored?

Or maybe it is just Original and untouched?

And i  would really like to know what a really nice example  could be worth?

I will add same pictures- Please note this strange -fleck- next to (4) it caught my eye as the (5) is the only number with most paint removed, Or i am just reading into this by mistake.

I think i might ask the seller what the -fleck- might be.


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Posted November 7, 2014 - 5:54pm

Dial/hands look good, but this is not a A17-A, just 3818A.

Should have the 15 jewel 10BNCH movement.

No valuations/approximateions, but check "completed listings" on *bay search for the model.

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Private Squirrel
Posted November 7, 2014 - 6:15pm

Hi Bobbee

Sorry i am still learning about the Bulova Mil-W-3818A

Can i ask the difference between to Type-A17A?

Yup it does have a 10BNCH moment with it's Star watch back case and it's dome dust case (that fits over the moment ^.^)- i have a pic of the moment if you would like to see, as i am not an expert and i value all the comments.

I have been doing research on price and i know Serviced nice condition ones go for around 300-500 usd. (But if i am wrong there please let me know as this one is high 300's)


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Posted November 8, 2014 - 4:26am

The 3818A was general issue to ground crew, and the type A17-A was a navigational aid issued to air crew. It contained the same movement as the 3818A but with 17 jewels instead of 15.

From the pics and your description it sounds good, but make sure it has been serviced for that price as you will need to factor a service into the overall spend. 

BTW, that speck looks like paint from the numbers on the underside of the crystal, as it seems to 'migrate' a little as the angle of the pics change.

The canvas strap looks like either genuine old stock or modern repro of an issued one, either way an added bonus.


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Private Squirrel
Posted November 8, 2014 - 4:57am

Hi Bob

I updated and changed the title and description :)

And thank you so much for the info on the Type A17-A .

I was just reading the Description and It says 17 Jewels and i though it could just be a typing error here is the moment but it is hard to tell if it says 15 or 17? hmmm... it sort of looks like a (5)

Bob can i ask.... Would you think this the tiny paint fleck/chip off the number be a -common occuring- thing with the military watches? It's just it could sway my purchasing discussion because the dial looks so crisp, but in the description it says it's like new.

Oh :) and the band is a new repro version.