Searching for model number Mid 80's Mens Deco Watch

I bought my Bulova back in about 1985-1987-ish, and lost it about five years later at the Marriot Hotel saunna in Ft Collins, Colorado. It's the only watch I have ever loved and I would like to find a replacement if possible, but I need a model number. Does any know if they have catalogs for those years available online. if not, here is the description.


Leather band, square gold Bezel, no numbers on dial, gold batons at 3,6,9,12, no date window, no seconds hand, The main feature is the checkered dial in two shades of gray.


Please help me, my wrist weeps everyday for the loss it has suffered all those years ago.




Geoff Baker
Posted May 29, 2015 - 5:54am

Club 5000Panel Member

Hello czechmatein3, welcome to myBulova. We focus on pre 1980 Bulova watches so we most likely aren't going to be able to offer much relief other than to offer our condolences for your loss. I suggest internet auction sites that sell watches. We all scour eBay looking for these perfect old Bulovas that we cherish, perhaps you can find something out there. Another suggestion is to visit old jewelry stores to see if they have catalogs from the mid eighties.

Good Luck on the hunt!!