Vintage Bulova adverts

Calling all vintage Bulova adverts.

Just a reminder that this site has a great many wonderful vintage Bulova adverts that have been purchased from site donations and donated by genereous members over the years.

These vintage adverts not only give us an insight as to how Bulova marketed their watches over the last 90 years but it is also a wealth on knowledge when it comes to identifying these old beaurties.

I would like to publicly thank all those members who have over the years contributed to this great resource pool that has a great wealth of information.

A big thank you to Jerin Falcon (Plains), Will Smith, Lisa Andrew, Shawn Bourget and Bruce Shawley to name a few. When you view a vintage advert you will often see the member/s responsible for the donation.

Please keep checking as new adverts are being added almost every week.

If you have an old advert that the site doesn't have or is of better quaility that what is on the site currently please consider donating a scanned copy for all to enjoy. Please send scanned copies to