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Looking for a 13AL movement for parts, will buy or trade for it. 0 n/a
Looking for a case gasket for a M9 Sea king 10 3 years 45 weeks ago
by ArchieGoodwin
Looking for a crown for this lovely old girl! 2 4 years 25 weeks ago
by watchnutwayne
Looking for a replacement Crystal for unknown Bulova 1 1 year 22 weeks ago
by JP71624
looking for Case back 14K gold filled 0 n/a
looking for snorkel oceanographer model m bracelet 0 n/a
looking for Stelux 19 mm straight lugs Bulova bracelet. 1 1 year 25 weeks ago
by Geoff Baker
Looking for Yellow Luminous hand set 2 5 years 26 weeks ago
by randybill
Lost my Job :( 6 5 years 22 weeks ago
by DreamWeaver
Lumed hands 20 4 years 38 weeks ago
by jmh86325
Mainspring for a 15 Jewel10A Movement 2 4 years 43 weeks ago
by JP
miss america open to all trades 3 4 years 41 weeks ago
by mybulova_admin
movement holder 2 2 years 51 weeks ago
by jmh86325
Need 10CRAC Cannon Pinion 0 n/a
Need 19EA Balance Wheel or Movement for Bulova Timer 1 2 years 17 weeks ago
by Reverend Rob
Need a cannon pinion and hour wheel for a 1958 "His Excellency" 10bp movement 3 2 years 32 weeks ago
by Reddog15
Need a case back for 1959 President C 0 n/a
Need a stem for a 11ANC 0 n/a
Need Accutron/Bulova crystal 1222-4 0 n/a
Need an 8BA movement complete 1 5 years 24 weeks ago
by William Smith
Need Bulova Wrist Alarm cal. 12-B parts 3 3 years 1 week ago
by veritas123
need collar ring for bulova automatic 0 n/a
Need Crown and Gasket for Unknown 10BZC Movement 2 5 years 9 weeks ago
by FifthAvenueRest...
Need lower cap jewel for 10bpadc (bulova 23 calendar), or info on interchangeability 6 4 years 45 weeks ago
by JP
Need setting lever screw for this Swiss 11ANACD (23J, 1970): advice anyone? Thanks 8 3 years 27 weeks ago
by DSS