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Hi to everyone out there in Bulova Land.

Does anyone think that it would be good to put the size of the watch down when posting a watch photo?  i.e.  from lug to lug   -  across the top including and excluding crown  -  maybe crystal size??

For me - i think it would be handy in identification of certain if not many fine Bulova watches. 

Is there a record of Bulova watch sizes?

Stephen - I just bought a nice Aviator A with flex strap for  "would you beleive" A$11.00     Will post a photo once it arrives.


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Stephen Ollman
Posted June 16, 2010 - 6:03am

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Janet, it's very difficult to gauge the size of a watch and I'm not sure it adds any benefit expecially in helping to identify a Bulova watch. Sizes are very important to pocket watches as their general shape is round and vary a great deal is size. The great thing about many vintage Bulova watches is that they differ so much in shape and design that the size is really irrelevant. Although it may be handy to know just how small many vintage watches are. I know that when I first received my first 1929 Bulova Banker I was supprised at how small it was compared to modern day watches.

Crystal sizes on the other hand do benefit from knowing the size as many brands have watches that are similar in shape, but their crystals are either slightly larger or smaller, thus whilst the shape of a crystal looks the same the width or height may vary by 0.1 of a mm.

I'm not aware of any recordings of Bulova watch sizes, but there may be.

$11.00 for any vintage watch (working or not) is a great price. I look forward to seeing it added to trhe site.