Where can I find history of Oceanographer?

I'm trying to find some history and photos of very early Oceanagraphers - like 1965 or so.  I have seen a lot of examples from lte 60s and 70s - but not early ones.


Geoff Baker
Posted August 3, 2016 - 5:10am

Club 5000Panel Member

Most everything you will find is in the advertisement section of myBulova. There are two spots on the homepage under the "Search Bulova Adverts" heading. "Full" are mostly color adverts scanned from magazines and are listed chronologically while the "partial" are scans snipped from old newspaper adverts and are not in chronological order.

The watches themselves can be viewed by clicking on "Model Name" under the "Search Bulova Models" heading then clicking on the first letter of the watch name you're looking for.