Worth Replating?

My grandfather's 1940 Standish (in the database) has moderate wear-through in the plating on the back side of the case.

This watch is far and away a more sentimental item than anything else - I have no intention of selling it anywhere, at any price.  So my question is whether re-plating the case will prevent any further deterioration or is it best just to let it be?

Thoughts are most welcome!


Geoff Baker
Posted September 28, 2016 - 5:33am

Club 5000Panel Member

Hi crazypoet, my grandfather was bald, I'm sure he had hair once but I remember him as bald. I sure wish I had HIS Bulova watch.

I wouldn't change a thing about that watch.

A general word of caution though - Don't stop wearing the watch on special occasions but be diligent to keep it dry (and as we recommended before, a thorough clean/oil service every couple years).