Bulova 1940 Eleanor

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I have a Bulova watch that belonged to my Great-Grandmother that I hope someone will be able to help me identify. 

Watch History:

Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about the watch. I know it belonged to my Great-Grandmother because her name is inscribed on the back of it, and it was in my grandparents' possession until their death in 2001, and then my aunt's possession until last year when she passed away.  Finally, it came into my possession.

My Great-Grandmother's Biography:

Born:  August 28th, 1905

Married:  December 5th, 1923 (this is when she became a Vaughan, which is the last name inscribed on the back of the watch, so I know it dates to after 1923)

Died:  March 11th, 1986

I do not know for what celebration the watch was a gift for.  It may have been for a wedding anniversary, but I am not sure.  If it was for the birth of a child, the watch would date to 1924 or 1927. 

I know the watch was made in Canada (on one of the links) and the case box (red velour) the watch came in says "Bulova:  Canada's Finest Timepieces (Toronto)". 

If possible, I would love to find out the make of the watch and the year.  I would love to recover a piece of my family history that unfortunately has been lost to time.  The watch still winds and works perfectly, although the crystal is scratched. 

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to identify the watch on my own.  I have not opened the back of the watch because I am afraid of damaging it. 

There is a number on the back of the watch:  "L456625" or "1456625" and it says "Bulova Quality".  There is no date code on the outside. 

On the inside of the front of the watch, it just says "Bulova" and then "Swiss" at the bottom. 

I have uploaded several photos as well since my knowledge of watches is abysmal. 

I hope someone can help.  Anything I can learn about this watch is much appreciated.

Thank you,



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1940 Bulova Eleanor watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch