Wow.. lookit all the names for the late 50's "23 Jewels"

Found this ad for sale on that one site... first time I've seen this one... lookit all the His Excellency names for these things!  Ad is apparently Canadian.

Posted April 29, 2011 - 7:57pm

Nice find Super Ad Hunter!

And we thought these were just Bulova 23's !

I think Fifth has one with the His Excellency "F", but there are a lot of new one's here.

Notice they all have sub-dials, can't quite read the date, May 16th 1958??

Elgin Doug
Posted April 29, 2011 - 9:29pm

I've got one - His Excellency 'F'.  Mine's from 1958 and has the gold outer chapter with concentric circles. 

5th has the 1959 version, which has an all-white dial with a 'sunburst' outer chapter.  AND he's got the original band, whereas the one mine came with was worn out.

They're very nice watches, large diameter but very thin, so they wear smaller.

FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted April 30, 2011 - 9:29am

Nice find on the ad!


You're spot on with an 'F' IMO


The Bulova 23 is Automatic with Center Seconds. Excellency winds manually with secs on a sub Dial.


Can anyone read what the highest alphabetical variant shown is??