Guess I don't know that much about watches after all......

This was the question I posed to the seller:

Hi - Couple questions. The points on the four corners, is the gold worn off on the tops? Does the watch set time and run? What is the condition of the gold on the bracelet, is there a lot of wear on the clasp?
thanks -

Sellers Answer?

There is no gold on the outside of the watch. The watch is 10k gold filled. It is on the inside of the watch. The watch does not have batteries so I do not know if it runs but my guess by looking at the inside is that it does.

Guess I don't know that much about watches after all......

Posted October 9, 2011 - 5:56am

Guess we're all DOPES Geoff :-0

I had one last week where I also asked a question about pics of a box the seller included along with the watch. The answer I got was:The starting bid is already listed at 9.99 and there are watchers If it does not sell, I will relist it for 8.99 and you can start bidding if you are still interested>

. My question was, Do you have a better pic of the box???

OBTW, the watch didn't sell, and the seller re-listed again for $12.99, not the $8.99 she said!

God I hate being dumb


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Posted October 9, 2011 - 6:43am

Some of the crap that's out there is rediculous.

I just saw a 1930's 'DEBUTANTE' Case with a 1971 movement, the 'Jeweler' Selling is calling it a 1971 Watch, someone out there will purchase this and carry on the mis-conception.

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