Restoration Project #2

I am excited to finally begin the process of restoring my collection. Many of my watches need a lot of work, and I am in need of advice regarding what to do with them. Moreover, I think this information could be helpful to other members and guests who are contemplating purchasing, selling, or restoring a similar model. I know that there will be differing opinions, but all opinions are welcome. So, if you’re willing, please share your thoughts.

I’ll post the watches individually so that we don’t end up with an unmanageably long thread. After the restoration is complete, I’ll post pics of the finished product, so we’ll have before and after shots.
Please, for purposes of this exercise, accept my model identification and advise me on how best to restore the watch to the stated model’s specs. By doing so, you are not agreeing with my model ID. Of course, where the model is unknown, your expertise in identifying appropriate specs for the style/era will be invaluable.
I am assuming that all watches need a full cleaning, and many will need repairs to the movement. Those issues will be addressed by the professional watchmaker during the restoration process. In this series, I am seeking cosmetic advice, including style, colors, replating, redialing, reluming, etc.
Running an 8AN, 15J
Snap case with dust cover and 1924 patent
Crystal measures approx. 23.7mm x 19mm
14k rolled white gold filled
Case is in good shape, with light wear on the lugs
The crystal is cracked and badly yellowed
Seconds hand is missing
No band or bracelet
 Bulova watch


Posted January 10, 2012 - 8:36pm

Club 5000Panel Member

That one won't take much it looks like... just a redial and crystal.  I love the "spade" hands for this watch.

An orange ochre color for the lumed hands and numbers... I like that natural silver/white dial for this.  That's going to be a sharp one as well when your done with it.

Geoff Baker
Posted January 10, 2012 - 10:51pm

Club 5000Panel Member

 Agree with that except the number colors - see #3 for my 2c on that, I like 'em white

shooter144's picture
Posted January 12, 2012 - 4:01am

Does any one here have a line on getting GOOD relume on hands ? Or a supply for lumed hands?

Geoff Baker
Posted January 12, 2012 - 8:05am

Club 5000Panel Member

 Shooter, I have International do hands when I have the dial done. If anyone had a supply of hands, oh that would be a jackpot. Ebay has a great supply, $25-50 dollars a pair depending on how bad one of us needs them.......and then as I think Mark said earlier, you'll get a watch that you'll end up wanting to restore, and you'll STILL need a pair of hands, but now you'll need a part for an obscure movement too.

one of my last jobs from IDC