IDC - Dial Restoration: Refinish with Confidence

Hey All,

I spoke with Rob at International Dial Co. today. It was a long conversation, but let me just say he has read all posted Forum comments and rightfully takes some offense at unfair criticisms, but also acknowleded some shortcoming and wants to improve. They are very busy, and they prioritize high-end watch projects. I suspected that, but didn't know that. I told him I didn't mind reasonable delays, a long as it was understood up front and follow-up e-mails regarding status updates were responded to in a timely fashion. Rob agrees.

He also is re-doing my President dial to put the lumination dots in the proper place. Apparently they couldn't decriminate exactly about the dots from their photo and placed them where they would expect them to go. Naturally it was wrong, and it upset me and frustrated me. He's going to fix it. He also gave a long explaination on dial color, and it suffices to say that you cannot always get an exact match to dial color. It's a sophisicated process and color can change over the years as in the case of my 1960 President.

I think we are lucky to have a company like IDC in business to help us. There are only a few dial restorers in the world, and IDC has relatively low prices comparatively. All in all, Rob was understanding, he made his points, and he listened. He's a good guy and I'm glad he took his valueable time to enlighten me. I think it is clear we can continue to trust in IDC and they will do their best to improve their communication with collectors such as us.

I just thought I should report back in this new forum post to try to move things in a positive vain on the subject of dial restorartion. Some of the "so-called" other dial restoreres simply send the dials to IDC! I think if we communicate problems and issues directly with Rob they will get corrected (except for your issue Geoff!). I am at fault for that because got frustrated and joined in the comments from another post that was started by starting my own to vent instead of calling Rob. All in all, I think it was good to clear the air.


Posted January 28, 2012 - 2:36am

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Thank you Rob for the valuable update.

I for one look forward to seeing the good work continue at Internatoinal Dial Company.

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Posted January 28, 2012 - 2:44am

And that my friends is why these forums are good. Rob now has a realistic, from the horses mouth view of some real problems, and I am quite sure he will do his best to provide the service we all hope for and expect. A good for us all out come.

Yes, thanks for taking your time to discuss our issues with IDC Rob, much apreciated. I have a few dials I need to box up....gotta go !!