to all new watchmakers and hobbist...remember the inside of a barrel can be broken as well

hello while working on my gladiator 10an..i was replacing the mainspring with a nice nos part..after a few tries to with no luck..i wonder what the problem was..then i notice that the inside of the barrel , the catch that the out side of the spring hooks on too isn't as large as it should, well i compared to a 10ae barrel i had..and realize the problem...the inside of the barrel was snaped off, so the last coil of the mainspring couldn't hook on to the barrel...i never heard of this and now i will always know what to look for...always check everything and you too won't waste 10 mins for nothing..

Posted January 30, 2012 - 6:55pm

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Your still learning, It's best that you see these things the hard way, trial and error, now you will always check that as well. Just like a selfwinder I once worked would take a full wind and become fully wound and stop winding. Took me a while before I figured out the safety was missing! Duh....