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 A question about how the panel member ID rating and displayed "star count" works.

Abstaining from voting on a record/ID:

How does the number of panel members effect the overall star count?  Is it majority of all panel members which determines the star count, or majority of "voting" panel members? 

For a particular watch record-  It looks like if a panel member doesn't vote, this could be a vote for no stars, and may be used to calculate the number of members needed to reach "majority".  I'm assuming not voting is different than a one star "not confirmed" vote which means the panel member thinks the ID to be unconfirmed.  By not assigning any stars, can the panel member actully "abstaining from voting" -perhaps because they feel they are not knowledgeable enough or up to speed on that particular watch (or are on vacation)?  If this is the case, are the resultant ID stars determined by a percentage of "voting members"? 


Posted February 11, 2012 - 10:46pm

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Hi William,

I could be wrong here but I believe the votes a tabulated as they are cast and that abstention from voting is not counted as no vote has been made.  If only 3 votes are made, say 2 for three stars and 1 for one star, then you'd see 2+ stars in the rating. I abstain from voting on "Frankenbullies" and "unknowns" as I believe that there's nothing there to be voted on.

This a question for Admin since he's the man who set it up.

Regards Shawn

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William Smith
Posted February 11, 2012 - 11:05pm

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Thanks Shawn  Just didn't want to have a no vote mess w/ others votes.  I bet your right, as I see stars populated quickly.   If true, one would want to be very confident before voting if one uninformed or uncautious vote could tip the scales that easily. 

Posted February 12, 2012 - 10:20pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Thanks Shawn. Your assessment is correct. Rating is calculated from existing votes only.