Hello I'm new here

I have just purchased this 1961 bulova blue dial watch with a movement I do no see on this site. It is a beautiful watch and looks practically new. Can some one help to identify this watch? Ok here is a picture of the back of the watch. Hope this helps. M1 I believe is the date code on the back 1961. These are the only pics I have of the watch.

Posted February 17, 2012 - 7:20pm

You need to take a picture of the back of the case where the serial number and Bulova name are. There should also be a date code like M1 or N3 or something of that nature. Post the photos of the back and we might be able to help identify it.

Really nice looking watch.


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William Smith
Posted February 18, 2012 - 5:24pm

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Hi timer60.  Welcome.  Nice watch.  The watch record entry screen, by default, allows loading up to six pictures for each watch entered.  Usually it's easier to ID the watch with a picture of:

1.the front of the watch in case (like your first pic above)

2. a pic of the back of the watch case (this gives details like JP mentions above)

3. a picture of the inside case back (this includes other signatures and info)

4.  a pic of the movement (like you have above)

5. a pic of the dial side outside the case

6. a side picture of the case (there are often details on the side of the case which distinguish one model from another - like different engraving etc...)

With these pictures, we get most of the info needed to find the model name- if we have an ad or other information suggesting the model name.  We often don't, but with pics like above, we are prepared for when an ad or other confirming info comes along.  Untill then, the watch may be entered as an unknown in the model name drop down menu unless the person entering has an idea which model it is. Then all members who wish to discuss possible model names help in the ID'ing process.  

 If you need some help with all this, drop me a PM.   Will