1969 Accutron Model name? source for luminous spear hands?


1969 (M9) Bulova Accutron Square symmetric body, exposed lugs, coin edge 14k gold filled

this is a picture of the same watch i inherited from my grandfather.  1. does this watch have a model name?  also, during the watches lifetime, the hands were changed to a non luminous type (brown/gold and hard to read).  2. the luminous hands in the picture are what i'm looking for any ideas on where to get these hands?



Posted April 23, 2012 - 4:33pm

Would this be the correct description of the hands above?  If so i might have found my hands!


Factory part # 142-143.

Applications are G-(Gold) Sp-(Spear), Trit-(Tritum) & 24 (length).