Minute man?

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It's so nice to see others enjoy beautiful things. I didn't know there was a whole other world of collectors out there. What all you on line buyers need to remember is to check the .99 cent watch bin at your local thrift store.. So far I got my 38 bulova, a 50 ish gruen and a cabinet tissot clock all in working order.
Looking for a little more info on my bulova, I believe it is a1938 minute man it's a little confusing, because in the top cover it says 35-- ingraved lightly, all the adds on here say 1938 but the * symbol means 1941 and so the the serial # starts with 1.. Maby the top case was made in 35 then used later and could mine be just made at a later date hence the 41*
Any way here is all the info I have
The back case serial # 1109685
The inside of the back cover says
Bulova 10 k rolled gold plate bezel stainless back new York
Also lightly ingraved is # 6926 Tn94 and 0693 watch repair men maby?
Where the movements are
17 jewel unadjusted
7 AH
And also the star* symbol
This watch is in working order but I am to afraid of seeing how long it will last, for fear of over winding, also I believe the glass was replaced with plastic because all the adds say glass...

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Posted April 15, 2012 - 11:10pm

Welcome aboard.

The star date code (41) matches the Case serial # 1... So far so good

The 7AH is consistent with a Minute Man. Still good.

Try to upload some larger pics, otherwise I'm afraid we really can't help any further. You can get an idea of what pics to take by looking at other examples. Be sure to use Macro mode on your camera to get good details.