Academy Awards "X" with hangtag, and some now-known misconceptions

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I was browsing the message forum board on the NAWCC. I found a short article about the Academy Awards watch series.  It had a couple interesting pictures.  One of which is an AA "X" with hangtag.  While one can never know if the hang tag came with the watch (ignoring any strap- of course) it's still an interesting photo in light of recent AA variant "X"  discussions.  Also note some statements in the AA summary post we now know to be dated and incorrect information (last AA sold in 1952, AMPAS/Bulova lawsuit). 

Those who want to read the short post and view all pictures can do so here:
If this is not a public forum post, you may be promped to login to see the article and photos. 

It's great to know that mybulova and its members are making a difference in Bulova history and model identification.   Much of what use to be the accepted Bulova history is being rewritten with the help of and it's members  ...and it appears many NAWCC members are now looking to for the great model identification details which the ads and thoughtful discussions provide.   Although this post is only 2 years old, it was the "best guess" for that time.  It's research by folks here which help set the record straight, so to speak.   And today, I believe the NAWCC and others are learning about Bulova from our members, our research, and ad database!