Hello friends!

I am Jan from California and so happy I found this site. I have a watch that was my mothers that I inherited many years ago. I have a couple questions-never a dumb question right?

17 jewels 14 K gold case,hands and Bulova name in gold

1) I have ascertained the watch is from 1947 and the movement is 5AB.

2) Can you tell me what the serial number on the bottom of the outside of the case is #3529

3Can you tell me what are the numbers on the inside of the case?



01530-4 or O1530-4


I have searched the 1947 ads and have a hunch it is either:

a Her excellency K

a Goddess of Time  A or K

I will upload a picture asap.

Thanks for any info.It runs btw!

Jan :)

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Stephen Ollman
Posted September 29, 2010 - 9:49pm

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sausgirl, welcome to myBulova, we certainly look forward to seeing your watch.


2) the casing serial number #3529 (is this correct) is just Bulova's way of keeping track on case types for inventory.

3) thses numbers are jewelers marking and are usually made when a watch is serviced. To be honest they have never made much sense to me as I'm not sure what the numbers actually mean, although occasionally your'll see what could be a date of the service.

Posted October 1, 2010 - 1:25pm

Thanks Stephen!

Is there an actual book where I can see the specs of the watch? Several cases look almost identical,but I am sure the "insides" are quite different.

Will post soon.

Regards, Jan