Is this actually feasible when getting an old watch referbed?

I mean this seems almost to good to be true... is the below example for real or some slick photo shopping?


Because if that's the real deal it's unfreakingbelieveable.  And I can't imagine what they would charge to go from that to that!!

The website is below with more examples but this one really caught my eye.

That real or a hoax, and how much money is something like that going to be?'s picture
Posted October 24, 2010 - 5:32am

Straightforward enough to do... (Farfo's photography and selection, is quite impressive, BTW!)

$30.00- $60.00 for a 3- 4 hour tear down and overhaul, excluding any parts (?)

$25.00- $40.00 for a "redial" (New Paint+)

$10.00 or so for a new crystal (From me, at least?)

$20.00+ to replate the watch hands (If desired?)

Sub second hand replacement approx. $20.00?

The crown was apparently like/new, before? (Sure...)

Cleaning and polishing the case $25. - $50.00 (1- 2 hrs total?)

(If the case remains in good+ shape, with no noticeable gold loss?)

However... an average BENRUS wouldn't (typically) resell for what it would cost to refurb it, unfortunately! So an interesting example, for Farfo? LOL... But it illustrates the point that $20.00 watches that are case + mechanically in tact, can again become $200. +/- watches, after some work!

An exceptional watch restorer like "Farfo" would likely want what, $250.+ to do so? However some local guys might do the job for $125.00- $150.00, I suspect?? But you generally get what you pay for, right???


BEST :-)  William