Seeking Running 2313 Accutron Movement

I have a beautiful mint case and bracelet, but the original owner left the battery in the watch and the movement was destroyed by the leaking acid.

If you have a spare 2313 movement at a reasonable price please let me know.


Looking for replacement lens/bezel for 1977 Bulova Computron 'Drivers L.E.D.'

Looking for replacement lens/bezel for 1977 Bulova Computron 'Drivers L.E.D.'

The NEW 'Snorkel' has arrived!

Surprisingly, there is nothing on the Bulova web site but the watches are listed on the bay and several jewelers are advertising them. The model is 98B320 and the list price is $795 USD. Here's a photo and a link to an announcement from Baselworld this spring.

My search for the story behind my heirloom watch

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Dear Forum (I’m having trouble adding a photo, it’s my first time here) I can email the picture, but I’m not sure how to add it. (


10BPAC mainspring needed

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Or maybe an interchangeable part?
Anyone's help is appreciated!


I have found a possible new name for a group of Ladies watches:

"MILANESE"  COLLECTION  with viarants: A, B, C, D, E,  F


Selling my 10 year collection of movements parts and cased bulovas



I am retiring so pairing down my collection.  I have been putting bulovas into a box for over 10 years.  I would prefer to sell as a group but may split up as follows.

Cased movements


bare movements

I probably have over a hundred movements, several material cabinets and two large priority boxes of parts.

There are probably 20 cased movements.


If serious message me and we can talk and I can send pictures.  too difficult to post here as there is just too much.


Bulova parts interchangeable

Hello everyone,

this is my first posts here :) I will be the owner of Buloa 8AE movement soon and I would like to ask if other models from this series (like 8AH or 8AD) share the same parts. Reason is that I am finding plenty of them as NOS on eBay and that would make restorations easier.


Yet one more question, do you have experience with non Bulova (maybe Gruen or Waltham) cases for the vintage models that fit good?

Thank you a lot for help.


With kind regards.




Bulova Snorkle Bezel Insert HELP PLEASE



Im currently chasing a bulova snorkle bezel insert for a blue acrilyic bezel. can anyone help? 

the bezel i need is the same as in the link supplied.

Bulova Snorkle 666 feet 11A0ACB 3-464319 on the case back. 

WTB: gold expansion band with onyx inserts

I'm searching for a gold expansion band with rectangular onyx inserts for my late stepfather's 1962 Sea King. One of the onyx inserts fell out on mine. The gold borders surrounding the inserts are smooth and without markings - I've seen later bands that have grooved surrounds. If the onyx inserts are the same in both models, I'd take that later band and harvest the insert.

Hoping someone here has one, it's very sentimental to me.


Jeff Miller