Mate to Broadcaster?

I've never seen one before & have never seen an advert for it. A fairly rare specimen me anyway.

I own a Broadcaster and when I first saw this for sale online I initially thought it was a Broadcaster.

It wasn't; It's this...


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It's curious why Bulova didn't advertise this alongside the Broadcaster.

G-S Flexo Cylinder Fancy Crystal List July 1953

Seems to be a few models on the list that aren't in the drop downs. Anybody ever heard of a Bulova "Auto Watch C"?  


Catalog #504 dated July 1, 1953.

Question Regarding a Possible "Pelham" Outer Retail Box

This is perhaps a mid to late 50's, early 60's outer retail box acquired recently and I am speculating came from the factory containing a "Pelham, 17 J." and probably a retail price of $67.50. The damage to the top sticker from an apparent attempt to remove the sticker occurred prior to my receiving the box. 

Measures: 4  7/8” x 3  3/4” x 1  3/4” (12.4cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm).

Upside down 2 for 7

Recently I've seen several Bulova's from the 30's / 40's where the dial's number 7 is actually an upside down number 2.  Is this legit?  Did Bulova actually do this or was it a creative way to restore the dial?


Salesman Sample Case, ever seen one?

I just purchased this and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Anyone ever seen one of these before or have an estimate of age? My guess would be perhaps 1940's. It measures approx 15" across and is made of wood covered with cloth. I've never encountered one and had to have it. One would think this is a pretty uncommon item. Thoughts?


American Watches sold in Switzerland

Found an article from the 1973 Troy NY Times Record, dealing with how Bulova were one of the few American companies to be selling their watches in Switzerland.

1973 Bulova - American watches sold in Switzerland

1927 Trojan vs 1928/29 Conqueror

Can someone help me understand the difference between the 1927 Trojan and the 1928/29 and possibly 1930 Conqueror models?  Unless I missed something they appear identical to me?


Vintage Bulova "Champ " watch

I recently purchased a  Bulova " Champ " model watch at an estate sale. I am looking to get an opinion as to whether or not go through the expense of having the dial redone. Looking for the pro's and cons . Best Ed 

WTB: Original Lone Eagle

I have been trying, off and on, to locate an original cut corner Bulove Lone Eagle for many years. If you have one for sale, PLEASE contact me via email:


Thanks in advance!


Model no. 98R34

This is a question about a "modern" Bulova quartz. The photos show the face and the back, which dates the watch as year 2000.
On the face the model no, at the 6 o clock position, is 98R34.
My question concerns the logo on the face which is an A with a wave line running through it. I thought this may be relate to Accutron which I understand was reintroduced with quartz technology. Can anyone enlighten me please?
Mike Rowe