WTB: Bulova Astronaut

Sorry to make my first post a WTB post... Probably bad form, so I'll start by introducing my fledgling collection.

Bulova "movement" on dial ?

Greetings, my 92 year old father just gave me his watch that he says he bought in the early 50s. It's a rectangular case, has a Bulova marked crown, and the back reads 10k rolled gold Bulova. Also on the back there is a number 9528937. But the dial is marked Bulova "movement" and has blued hands. So I'm wondering if this is a real Bulova or a "jobber" watch or what. Wish I could post a picture but I can't get the file size down to what this site requires. Any comments are welcomed. Thanks Jim

Accutron 214 batteries

Anyone know

Watch case opener

Hello fellow Bulovaites!!!


  I have 2 10BNCH A-17s that I need to open up, but do not have the 10 sided wrench to get the backs off.  Actually, I got the other one open, but the 2cd is held fast.  Does anyone have one of these for sale?


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Bulova 10BPAC Rotor Post

Looking for a New Rotor Post for my Bulova. Have been able to sourse a Mainspring but my Watch Guru hasnt got any Rotor Post in stock (Scarce) any help would be appreiated. I have added Photos to help ID Part. Regards Garry.

Accuquartz movement

Recently bought a 1973 Accuquartz, but should have studied the photo of the movement more closely as although the blurb described it as  having an Accuquartz movement  it is in fact a Schild AS 536 121 quartz movement (which I understand might be a quality item?). I can only imagine that this was an aftermarket replacement as  the the tuningfork/quartz 'hummer' continued to be fitted into Accuquartz into the late 70's. Having said that I am otherwise pleased with watch as it is in really good cosmetic  condition and keeps time well .

Looking for Sweep stop second hand chronograph 10BK movement


I have a Bulova caliber 10BK chronograph version and, in the cleaning process I broke the sweep stop watch red hand(the one that is between 12 and 1)....I’m looking for one. If anyone can help or guide me in the right direction I will very much appreciated. I will try to upload an image; I don’t think it can be done here.

Genuine Accutron Astronaut 214 RED 24 Hour Hands !

Astronaut M2's picture
You may have seen others state in one watch forum or another that the Accutron Astronaut 214 never came from the factory with a RED 24 hour hand but just know that comes from someone that just lacks enough first-hand Accutron 214 experience, I myself have worked on more than one Accutron Astronaut 214 that had the factory RED 24 Hour hand and had traceable history back to the factory and so have other known and highly experienced Accutron 214 repairmen such as Bob Piker at MyBob.net not to mention there is plenty of photographic evidence out there showing many examples of Accutron Astrona

Shhhhh... nobody is watching...

You all let me snag this 1935 Commodore with original bracelet for $5.50??


Looking for 2662 M9 Accutron 14K GF Case

Subject says it all.  If you have one you can let go let me know.