Crystal for 1967 Dive Watch

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Had this watch serviced and the crystal replaced as it was cracked. The new one doesn't have the same shape as the original, which really makes the look of the watch IMO. The orig had a gentle curve adfevto edge and sat close to the bezel. Does anyone know a # for the crystal, or better yet have one that I can buy? :) pics coming next, gotta get to my pc


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Any ads for 1948 14k Patriot?

Hello everyone! I found this Bulova the other day for a whopping $50! Solid 14k Patriot model Bulova. My first solid gold Bulova as well. Now I am seeking any ads for it as I am having trouble finding one, thanks!

Proper Mainspring Winder for Bulova 17AH


I have several Bulova 17AH pocket watches which I am in the process of servicing and have ran into an issue trying to wind the mainspring.  None on my mainspring winders seem to work for this spring, the rod with the pin which is on the crank (not sure of the propper name) is either not the correct size to fit or the one which does fit has a long protrusion instead of a pin and it is too long to catch on the opening/hole on the mainspring.

Bulova Cronograph?

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Anybody seen this before ? for me it looks fake...

Watch crystal wanted

Hi,I'm looking for a crystal for a 1974 Bulova .The case number is 3373 and someone here told me the Bulova number for this crystal was 1580.Thanks for any help.

How to post for an ID

Hi there, I'm a new member. I joined because I'd like to get an ID on an old Bulova watch I have, though when I went to the area to add my watch for identification, the manufacturer year and the movement model were required...If I knew the year, I probably wouldn't be asking for the ID lol! There is no alpha-numeric date code on the back case, which I guess means it is pre-1950 according to your resources (though honestly, in looking through the styles of watches in the catalog ads, I was pretty convinced it's from the 1960s).

Hi, All. New Member Here

First, I want to say that I've really enjoyed reading through this web site over the past several weeks. You all have been busy. Good work.


Is the site very active now?  Most of the things I've read through are from several years ago.

ISO Original A-11 Crown

I'm trying to bring a 1943 10AKCSH back to original specs as much as I can but having trouble finding a crown.

I have a suitable replacement but I would like to get an original.

Thanks in advance!


10BX movement

I just received a BULOVA WATERTITE today;it has a 10BX 17 jewel movement with the asterix symbol.I don't see it in the database.It also has the BXW import code on it.Just wondering,will post photos later.


Spaceview crystal

I am looking for a crystal for my M7 Spaceview. 

crystal no. is 1271AYS

Any information on where I might obtain one would be greatly appreciated.