The Bulova Academy Award Series

Bulova Academy Award 1950-1951

We've all seen the glamourous watches that have come out of the Bulova Academy Award Series indivudually, but I don't know if we've seen all the them together and have seen some of the history on how they were marketed as well as their demise.

Just using newspaper articles I'll share what information I've learned.

Crystal for 1941 Bulova Senator

I am attempting to source a crystal for my 1941 Senator. Perhaps this is a straight forward process; however, I've been unable to the identify the specific numbers for this and would be most interested in a NOS. My Senator is entered in the database:

Thanks for any assistance.

Bulova American Eagle

The 1938-1940-ish American Eagle variants:

A & C






Replacement Crystal

Hello Group!  I just acquired a 1974 Bulova 11534W and I'm having trouble finding a NOS crystal.

Do you Clean Cases with Luminous Dials?

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Hi Gents,

I am pretty new to collecting vintage Bulova watches.  I just read that radium is radioactive and this has given me pause.  I have already cleaned one case on the Military Miss I have.  I have two more watches coming with the same lumed dials and I am wondering if you think it is safe to clean the cases.  Not the dials or hands but is taking the movement out to clean the case dangerous as well?  I did a search but didn't find a clear answer.  Thanks in advance.  

Looking for Dial for 1959 Seabee 11AFC

Hi All, 

I've come across a 1959 Seabee case (D787653) and movement (11AFC), but the dial and hands are ruined. I'm hoping to replace them and get the watch back in running order. 

I am hoping to find a dial as seen here: in either the charcoal or white variant. Please let me know if you have a dial available for sale


Director vs. Statesman

How does one tell the difference between a Director and a Statesman (same case design)?

Is it year made, dial style, case composition, or any/all; or is it a case of a name change on a whim?


Second Hand for 1948 Bulova His Excellency DD

I am looking for a second hand for a 1948 Bulova His Excellency DD. I ended up loosing the original second hand. I have found a supplier that has large collection of second hands for Bulova 7AK movements. How can I find out what part number I need for the second hand for the His Excellency DD?

In 1950 Bulova tried to save the Waltham Watch Co from closing.

Wow... what a cool article.  Attempt to save them from defaulting debt and reopening their factory.   Chicago Tribune Chicago, Illinois Tue, Jun 13, 1950  

Looking for Accutron 2527 Case or Similar

Looking for a 2527 case to replace one who's lugs were severely carved out by a flex band.   This watch is going to be a daily wearer so an exact replacement isn't completely necessary...something close in looks to a 2527 would work fine.

Let me know, thanks.