1964 Date King

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What is a GG variant? Thanks

Need a crown for a 1972 666 Oceanographer.

I currently have an Accutron crown on my 666 Snorkel from 1972, movement # 11BLACD.  Need an original BULOVA signed crown.  

Thank you

Is buying a nonrunning vintage accutron worth it?


Hi, I'm a noob to Bulova. I recently purchased a '72 mechanical SeaKing. Online, I've seen some beauties. The crownless accutrons, the asymmetrical cases & the astronaut all intrigue me. 

Bulova spinnaker 1972

Hi all, having just had the crown refitted to my watch after it popped out and stored for a few years l find l have forgotten how to set the date without damaging the mechanism. It has a day / date combination and l can, by trial, change the date by winding and rewinding the day setting between 10 and 2 to get the date to change over but it doesn't seem to engage properly. The option of pulling the crown out to a third setting doesn't seem to be there and l am reluctant to pull it out with any force.

large collection of movements and cases with movement

Hello, I have decided to part with my collection of vintage bulovas.  I have about 20 movements, 4 womens and the rest mens, 12 movements with cases, one is a ladies, four cases without movements and three case backs, I also have a bag of NOS parts.  I can send images.  Just email me at yvwiya@hotmail.com.  I will take them on a first contacted basis. Price is 200 for everything.  Thanks for looking


cased one I think is his excellency 1948

I think a 1945 clipper with a 10Ak

11al in a nice square case

Accutron 214 battery hatch cover

This is a long shot but does anyone have or know where I can find an Accutron 214 battery hatch cover?  Perrin's in Toronto hasn't had them in decades and on ebay they're selling for $50 to $60 CAD plus shipping.

1963 Bulova

I was wondering , as a new Bulova collector, if anyone knows how to open up this watch.

It seems like the body is 1 piece and the only way i can see to open her up, is to remove the crystal.

Before i attempt to remove the glass, i would like to have a little feedback from someone who knows.



P.S...can someone explain how to download pics onto this site, please

Cross ref Bulova movement # to the original manufacturer

Hi folks;
I am new to this site.

Have discovered through another forum that Bulova's 7AK movement is at its heart an ETA 735.

In looking at the whole 7 series they all look ETAish.

So how many of Bulova's movements were based on brought in ebauches?

Given that they had a factory in Switzerland was it common practise for them to bring in movements and then finish them up ; send them to the USA; and then case and time them there.

Knowing how often this occurred would be helpful in sourcing parts.

WTB Replacement bezel for Bulova Snorkel 666

Hi there! I am eagerly looking for a replacement bezel for my Snorkel. I attach a photo of the model

Many thanks in advance for any reaction.

26 jewel accutron movement with ETA adjustment screw

This is odd. I have a Sellita movement that adjusts via a lever that must be pushed to either + or - to regulate speed. I recently purchased a 65B001 accutron automatic with 26 jewels yet it has the screw type adjustment found on ETA movements. The second hand seems much smoother as well. What exactly do I have. I’m confused at this point. Was this a transitional movement or what? Does anyone know? Please help me figure this out. Thx, Jonathan Williams.