New Model called Yacht Club from 1932 Ad

I just submitted this ad to the Admin.  It is from a 2/5/32 Santa Cruz (Calif) newspaper.  From what I can see Yacht  Club looks like a new model name as there is no reference to one when I search this site.  Sorry I am new so don't know if this is really correct.  I also noticed an Unknown 1931 model that matches this closely.  I hope it is true and that i was able to contribute to identifiying this unknown.  Regards....Jim

Bulova Accutron Key Coin Flea Market Find and Question on its History

I was at the flea market on Sunday searching a big pile of junk jewelry and watches.  Found a bunch of watch bracelets including an original vintage Casio and Seiko plus several gold topped 40's-50's pieces in decent shape and a ladies Helbros with bracelet.    I also did find what I was later to learn is a Bulova Accutron Key Coin.   Got the whole lot for $6.   Coincidentally I was wearing my 1964 Spaceview.  How appropriate.  The picture is not mine but mine is just like this.  I know they were included in the boxes on early watche

18mm JB Champion bracelet for Oceanographer Snorkel 666

HELLO everyone ....

In SEARCH of a JB Champion SS bracelet [similar patern to bullet bracelet for astronuat] for my 1970 Oceanographer Snorkel 666ft. variant G ... to make her complete ... PLEAS HELP ?!?!!??!!?

Gorgeous Bulova Automatic 1980's?

I recently acquired this beautiful watch.  It is a large stainless case with a beautiful champagne dial.  I don't have it with me at the time and only have these pictures (as purchased and with the added leather strap)  but  was wondering what you thought.  I just can't seem to find anything like it.  The closest was a 1977 set o matic with day date but with Roman dials.  I will put more info and pictures later when I get the watch back but was wondering about a date.  Is this post 1979 and that is why there is nothing on the MyBulova site.&nb

WWII Bulova

My cousin in France asked for my help concerning this watch.  His father was a bartender in Bordeaux.  An American GI came in to his bar for a drink, but didn't have any money so the GI gave the bartender his watch.  My cousin inherited the watch from his father.  My cousin is asking me if there is any way to identify the name of the GI who owned the watch.  The inscription on the back says:  ORD. DEPT,  U.S.A. , OF 129030 , BULOVA WATCH CO.

Thank you.

Bulova cal. 10AN 21 jewel movement

I am very familiar with the Bulova cal. 10AN movement in its 15 and 17 jewel configurations, as I own and have serviced several Bulova models with this movement.   But I recently purchased a Bulova in an Anchor step-sided gold-filled case with a 21 jewel cal. 10AN movement.  The cap stones are friction fit, not screwed down, and the movement is marked "6 adjustments", which would lead me to believe this is an unusually high quality of finish for the cal. 10AN.

1926 bernice crystal

Hi All, can any one give the reference number for a replacment oval crystal for a 1926 Bernice

Non-Bulova case back

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What category would a Bulova movement, in a case signed on the inside back as MASTER, fall into?

Bulova Computron Drivers Watch LED how change time?

Hello, my name is Den. From Russia. Two days ago I bought this brilliant watch. Its look like a new)) Perfect condition for 1976. But I dont understand how change the time with one button. Could you help me please with this problem? I push 3 times, but nothing. Push 5 times, 6 times, but nothing too(( Maybe I dont know a secret? Help me please!

Porsche Bulova Watch ?

                      This watch was given to me years ago and it's been misplaced for a long time. I recently found it and I can't find any info about Porsche using the Bulova brand in any of their watches?