Lady Rockland

Greetings all, I'm a new Bulova owner and discovered this site when trying to decide whether to bid on a beat up old pocket watch with a cracked crystal. Or maybe I got here after I took a modest flier and was trying to figure out what exactly I'd won. It was late. Long story short (probably too late for that) I am the proud owner of a lady Rockland. I've posted a couple of pictures showing up as a New Watch 1922 unknown. It's not really unknown. It says Rockland right on the front. The date of manufacture is the unknown. I guessed '22.

5ft 6in Bulova Grandmother clock with built in Silvertone Radio?

Hello Bulova experts, can someone find some history on my 5ft 6in Bulova Grandmother clock with built in Silvertone radio? I can't find anything on it! It's very special and I'd like to know more about it.

The grandmother clock is electric only. no pendalum.

What model is this dial from?

This dial was attached to a 10AKCHS movement and obviously they were not born together since the 10AKCHS is a sweep second hack set military movement and this is a susidiary seconds dial.  The dial will fit a 10A . . . movement.  Odd that it is marked Made in France.


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Does anyone know if the 10CNCH is the only true 24 hour movement Bulova made?

Also is it possible someone knows what Bulova called the watch.?

Also I need you help finding hands for the Bulova A-11, 17 A 17 3818, etc.

Does anyone know a good source




8AC Movement

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How does one let down the mainspring on a 8AC,series of watches.

Thank You for the help.


ISO 10an21jewel 1934

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I need to replace the hour gear on my president and can't find a 10an 21 jewel movement.

1968 $100 Bulova Stock Certificate issued to Emily B Henshel (nee Bulova)

1968 $100 Bulova Stock Certificate issued to Emily B Henshel (nee Bulova)

Emily B Henshel was the daughter of Joseph and Bertha Bulova, founder of the Bulova Watch Company and sister to Arde Bulova.

Early 1922 J. Bulova Company watch invoice

I recently acquired this for the site and is a wonderful example of a very early 20 June 1922 watch invoice issued by the J. Bulova Company.

This shows us what price Bulova were selling their watches at to their authorised jewelers.

Bulova movement

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 Hi All'

I just came across a movement with this on it "Swiss P. DROZ  " it is a 15 jewel swiss movmt, the owner says it is from the 20's

Any ideas



Which Bulova

I have been left a solid gold Bulova watch which is old but in very good condition and i do not know what it is.

Year model anything would be nice.

I would never use it myself.

It has a gold band and was serviced about 5 years ago.

I was told it was the first Accutron with a mercury battery Although this is not what is in the watch at the moment.