Bulova 17AH 15 Jewel Swiss ADJUSTED


I bought a very nice Bulova pocket watch. The movement marking is stamped '47'. I believe this means the watch is from 1947.

Having looked a a number of similiar watches, this is the only one that I have seen with ADJUSTED.

How does this set it apart from similiar watches like this?



Just how fragile is the 8AE balance?

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I am working on an excellent condition Squadron B with a '47 8AE movement.

I could almost say for certain that the balance wheel oscillators well before disassmbly. However, after very carefully removing the dust shield, the upper balance wheel pivot was broken.

When looking for a parts movement, I noticed many 8AE's for sale or bid without a balance wheel.

Are the 8AE's balance wheels that fragile?

Looking for Replacement black Bezel for accutron astronaut Swiss.

Hello, I bought myself a couple of years ago an accutron astronaut Swiss made with missing black bezel. The watch is running grate but I would like to restore it. Maybe someone can help me.
Thank you in advance.

A9 Academy Award Date Code?

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Did Bulova date any of the Academy Award watches with an A9?

I have, over some time, acquired a few women's Academy Award watches including a "J", a "B" and two "F"'s.

Both "F"'s were purchased from different sellers. Both are white gold filled ("FF?") and have casebacks dated A9. Both have 21 jewel 6BC movements dated A9. However, the Roman numerals scribed into the case fronts do not match the last three numbers of either case back.

So, I have a conundrum about dating either watch. Can the A9 be correct for an AA?

Newspaper clippings about Bulova (company, staff and history)

As I search through numerous online newsletter databases, I'm always coming across interesting articles that relate the the Bulova Watch Company and its staff, innovation, history and product lines.

I thought we should have a central repository for all the old newspaper clippings.

Please feel free to add any that you find here below in the comments.

Bulova 13AE movement

the above movement is not listed on the movement index but I have seen one other listed on Ebay USA. The watch I have has the 13AE movement , 17 jewel with a date code of a square and I am assuming from the style of the case it is 1936. The case has the style of a 1933/34 Oakley case and is numbered 5126889. The dial has an inner second dial which gives the impression of a medical watch.I am curious as the watch movement is not listed on this site.

Bulova Oceanographer Help Needed

I recently purchased this Oceanographer for $25. It is running but missing the second hand. Also, someone pointed out that the dial may be a bad redial. Thoughts. Is it salvageable?

thanks in advance. 

Mate to Broadcaster?

I've never seen one before & have never seen an advert for it. A fairly rare specimen ...to me anyway.

I own a Broadcaster and when I first saw this for sale online I initially thought it was a Broadcaster.

It wasn't; It's this...


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It's curious why Bulova didn't advertise this alongside the Broadcaster.

G-S Flexo Cylinder Fancy Crystal List July 1953

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Seems to be a few models on the list that aren't in the drop downs. Anybody ever heard of a Bulova "Auto Watch C"?  


Catalog #504 dated July 1, 1953.

Question Regarding a Possible "Pelham" Outer Retail Box

This is perhaps a mid to late 50's, early 60's outer retail box acquired recently and I am speculating came from the factory containing a "Pelham, 17 J." and probably a retail price of $67.50. The damage to the top sticker from an apparent attempt to remove the sticker occurred prior to my receiving the box. 

Measures: 4  7/8” x 3  3/4” x 1  3/4” (12.4cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm).