Accutron 2193.10 Part needed

Does anyone have a battery strap & screw for an Accutron 2193.10 that they want to unload on me? 



Bulova M0 10CNCH

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Does anyone know if this is the only 24hr.movement that Bulova made.

Has anyone have this movement they want to sell.


Bulova case back wrench 9082

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Good Day All

I am in need of a case wrench for Bulova military, I believe it is #9082, or any suggestions on a tool to get the case open?



Worth Replating?

My grandfather's 1940 Standish (in the database) has moderate wear-through in the plating on the back side of the case.

This watch is far and away a more sentimental item than anything else - I have no intention of selling it anywhere, at any price.  So my question is whether re-plating the case will prevent any further deterioration or is it best just to let it be?

Thoughts are most welcome!


Case needed for a 1941 Bulova Doctor/Surgeon Watch

I just got a 1941 Bulova Doctor/Surgeon watch where one of the lugs is partially broken off.  Someone in the past had drilled out the holes in both lugs on one end of the case causing the end of one lug to break off.  The holes are now too big for a spring bar to stay in place.  The case is yellow gold filled and 25mm square.  The movement is a 10AX.  I'd like to find a case, preferably with a good crystal.


Mort in York, PA

Sky King dial

Hi to all.

This is my first post in this forum and I'm sure that it'll have a complicate answer. I'm only an amateur watchmaker and after some time I decided to buy some old bulova watches. Recently I purchased two Sky King' cases wit dial. I have seen in the archives two types of dials for this watch but one of this cases, has a possible third dial? Although the marking aren't for this case, the dial has the same form and measures.

Could somebody tell me if is possible this dial for this model or which bulova watch use this one?

13AE movement

I am looking to buy a watch which has a 13AE movement but I can see no record of this movement. Has any one come across one of these movements ?  Thankyou


Crystal #1442 and movement ring MR504 needed.

I know its a long shot, but does anyone have any of
the above parts, needed to finish a watch restoration. I live in
UK, so I'm finding most NOS/spares/alternatives are
generally in US.
Hopefully one of you can help me find the proverbial
hens teeth that I seem to be searching for.

Help needed.

Can anyone tell me if a MR487p movement ring will fit
a m9 case with a 11 ANACB automatic movement? Cant see
to find any information myself. Case also has a serial number
G932594 if it helps.
Hopefully one of you guys can put me on the right path
before I go mad!

Vintage Croton Watch

I just joined this group because I found a vintage Bulova watch in my grandparents jewelry box and wanted to know more about it.  I noticed that it seems that many of the folks on the panel are  general vintage watch lovers, not just Bulova.  I think it's wonderful that you've taken the time do this for Bulova watches and what a great source of information and history.  I have also found in the hand me downs a vintage Croton watch probably from the 30's or 40's.  I learned from Croton rep that the company went out of business 20 years ago and th