Rebuilt Bulova 23

I have a Bulova 23, 1956-1959 based on the 10 BPAC movement, unremarkable except for one thing.  Under the words 23 Jewels on the upper part of the face is the word REBUILT.  It is stamped on in the same manner as all of the other wording.  Any insight into this?  I've been asking around for years at jewelry shops but only get shrugged shoulders.  Thanks.

Sub second hands

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I am in need of #65 SM5/62 as well as #65 PI8, hope someone can help PLEASE.

Bulova Waterproof Tester

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I found this at our local NAWCC meet, and it was inexpensive so I thought it would be a good item to add to the DB as a Bulova Accessory or tool/test equipment.

Original box and manual. The idea here is to spread the 'Detectaire' along the seams and around the crown, and then put the watch on the rubber pad. The heavy glass dish is then placed on top, and the handle is pulled down  to create a partial vacuum.

The air pressure around the watch is suddenly less than it is inside, and if the watch leaks, bubbles will be seen in the 'Detectaire'. (Soap)

Bulova Deep Sea 666 parts needed

I have a ca1970 Bulova Deep Sea 666 dive watch with the Valjoux 7733 movement.  It was fine until a watch repairman put the bezel in an ultrasonic and removed the anodized numbers!  Anyway,, I need a new bezel and spring that attaches the bezel to the crystal.  I've been looking for a bezel or parts watch for a long time with no success.  If anyone has these parts or knows where I can obtain them I'd be very greatful knowing.  Thanks, jlh

Calgary and areq repairs

I have a 1971 calendar cl tuning fork assembly in need of repair.  does anyone know of qualified repair spots in the area, or in the province?  thx

Bulova Servo Altimeter

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 I don't know anything about it other than what is in the pictures. Maybe it was a sales gimmic.  I doubt I'll ever use it for it's intended purpose but I thought it was neat.


A mystery of an old Bulova (?) watch

Good morning experts,

My mother-in-law, who died recently, had this watch (see ) since the early 1950's. It was given to her in the Soviet Union. Yesterday, for the first time I noticed that the brand was Bulova, and not one of the Soviet brands they manufactured back then. The back cover contains a Soviet gold proof mark 583, and an abbreviation, in Cyrillic, MDMF5.

Lady Rockland

Greetings all, I'm a new Bulova owner and discovered this site when trying to decide whether to bid on a beat up old pocket watch with a cracked crystal. Or maybe I got here after I took a modest flier and was trying to figure out what exactly I'd won. It was late. Long story short (probably too late for that) I am the proud owner of a lady Rockland. I've posted a couple of pictures showing up as a New Watch 1922 unknown. It's not really unknown. It says Rockland right on the front. The date of manufacture is the unknown. I guessed '22.

5ft 6in Bulova Grandmother clock with built in Silvertone Radio?

Hello Bulova experts, can someone find some history on my 5ft 6in Bulova Grandmother clock with built in Silvertone radio? I can't find anything on it! It's very special and I'd like to know more about it.

The grandmother clock is electric only. no pendalum.