Cross ref Bulova movement # to the original manufacturer

Hi folks;
I am new to this site.

Have discovered through another forum that Bulova's 7AK movement is at its heart an ETA 735.

In looking at the whole 7 series they all look ETAish.

So how many of Bulova's movements were based on brought in ebauches?

Given that they had a factory in Switzerland was it common practise for them to bring in movements and then finish them up ; send them to the USA; and then case and time them there.

Knowing how often this occurred would be helpful in sourcing parts.

WTB Replacement bezel for Bulova Snorkel 666

Hi there! I am eagerly looking for a replacement bezel for my Snorkel. I attach a photo of the model

Many thanks in advance for any reaction.

26 jewel accutron movement with ETA adjustment screw

This is odd. I have a Sellita movement that adjusts via a lever that must be pushed to either + or - to regulate speed. I recently purchased a 65B001 accutron automatic with 26 jewels yet it has the screw type adjustment found on ETA movements. The second hand seems much smoother as well. What exactly do I have. I’m confused at this point. Was this a transitional movement or what? Does anyone know? Please help me figure this out. Thx, Jonathan Williams. 

Kirkwood Skeleton 63A123 Automatic

I have a newer Bulova with the Sellita SW 200 movement. After nearly 2 months of adjustment, I am pleased to announce I’m getting an accuracy level of less than 1 sec/24 hrs. It is quite consistent with hardly any nighttime swing. I have been told this level of consistent accuracy is not possible with the new movement. I have been documenting the offset against the atomic clock every 24 hrs without resetting the watch to get a weekly/monthly result. Has anyone else had such good results with this movement or is this a complete anomaly? Thx, Jonathan Williams, Louisville KY  

Need a stem for a 11ANC

Hey all.

I called Perrins in Toronto and they don't have this stem,  Also called Bulova Toronto and they wanted to sell me a used stem for $10 plus shipping.

I was directed to Jules Borel but I don't know if the 11ANAC is the same stem a the 11ANC.

Any help or advice would be appreicated.

Accutron 214 battery question

Picked up a near mint condition Accutron 214 today but the only battery I have is a 394 without a battery spacer.

I tried it in the watch and it doesn't work. I'm not sure if the module is the issue or if I need a different battery.

I'm hoping there might be an Accutron collector or two here who can give me some advice.

Bulova Chesterfield how to open?

airborne's picture

How do you open it ? It seems to have no tounge can't see any is it a screw on. Help appreciated

Has anyone come across one of these?

Has anyone ever come across one of these?

Did Bulova make a self-winding pulsations doctor's watch?

Hi everyone.  New member here.  I signed up to ask a question about a Bulova i saw yesterday and I'm hoping member here can give me some info about it.

I saw a Bulova self-winding medical watch with the outside dial having a pulsations chapter and above the six o'clock marker was the caduceus.

The dial was a sliver colour and the case was gold filled with a steel case back.

I've seen the medical dial Accutrons but have never seen a vintage self-winding model with the pulsations markings. Has anyone seen these?

watch crystal #

Hi,Im looking for the crystal number for the Bulova case number 7265-2 (1972) .Thanks.