Bulova 1939 Conqueror "C"

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The BULOVA "CONQUEROR," Circa 1939. 17 Rubies, 10 karat YGF (Yellow Gold Filled)  case...

I also commented earlier on Mark's recently uploaded (and third variant) on the same general case design theme... And I show cataloged (3) distinct models... that take the same glass, from 1939/40.

The "AMERICAN EAGLE:" Models A, B, and C...

The "CONQUEROR:" Models A, B & (C) shown here...

And the "CAPTAIN:" which I'm now almost certain is the model Mark just acquired... and likely the RARER of the three, since I'd wager it only came with ONE dial variant, vs. 3??? Of course we have no production data... but has anyone else seen either this case/dialed model, or Mark's, before???

SEE LINK:  http://www.mybulova.com/watches/1940-unknown-770

And does anyone have a model "B" American Eagle, with the third style of dial... Or a Conqueror, with either the "A" (white porcelin, black numeral) or "B" (The third style of) dial, most likely shown here??? (i.e. Yellow gold applied numerals, with an off white background.)

SEE LINK:  http://www.mybulova.com/node/751

This must be the "C" model... as it sports the same lOOk as the "C" model American Eagle Janet posted, that I have the 1939 vintage ad for... illustrating the "A" & "C" models, ONLY! (i.e. NOT the "B!!!)

And I'll of course post more (6) new images, once this watch is redone and therafter listed for sale, by "el-ooose" on eBay, in the future... 


BEST :-)  William

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