Bulova 1940 Craftsman

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I listed everythng about this watch That I could see. Anything else about it I don't know where to look for it or how to lkist it. If anything can help just by looking at the photo I appreciate it as I am trying to find out its worth. I am guessing at at manufacter date around 1950 based on my dad had it in 1948. I am 63 now. I would like to sell it. It is not running. Can anyone help? You can email me at jpcremona@att.net Thank you!

UPDATE 10/01/11 I took the wath to one local shop today and he looked at it and told me it was made between 1938 and 1940 as close as he could evaluate. He said tha band is not gold but the watch is and that I could get $500 for it. This coming week I will go to 3 or 4 more places to get an evaluation because I dont know anything about these watches. I will post more updates over the next week or so and then I should be ready to sell if anyone is interested. Thanks to everyone for all your comments. Your knowledge of this item is appreciated. I'll be back! Regards.

UPDATE 10/09/11 I researched this past week and I'm ready to sell this watch. As previously posted the watch is not running and the band is not gold but the watch is. In my research the evaluations were between $400 and $500. I will sell for $500 and out of that I will pay for the shipping insured for the value and signature required by the receiver. If interested call me and I will give you my street mailing address. You can even send me a personal check if you like. i will wait till my bank tells me it has clear and funds are in my account. Then I will ship it to you as stated above. These postings and any emails between us are legal contracts.

Thank you to everyone whose input knowledge has helped me.

I am in Los Angeles at: 818/903-0723 or email me (above) your phone and I will call you.


UPDATE 10/22/11 Someone asked for a movement code of some kind. On the inside of the back cover of the watch it says Bulova 7AP 21 Jewels USA Bulova. The watch as previously mentioned is 14K solid gold case. Everything else I know is already listed above. I dont know the model. That has been determined by some of you on this Bulova site who know alot more than I do.

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William Smith
Posted November 16, 2012 - 3:42am

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Great discussion about the Craftsman/Tuxedo differences.   If I follow the discussion correctly, and stick to my convention for ID'ing this watch:
If it were on a solid gold mount, I would vote for Tuxedo. 
If it were on a non-solid gold band, leather strap, or on a rubber band, I'd vote for Craftsman.

The 1940 production date is obviously wrong.  The owner's last communication was on Oct 22, 2011, where he stated he couldn't find a date symbol on the watch movement.  I see there's a circle entered for the movement (1944) but it's unclear how/why that circle was entered. It presence conflicts w/ the last communication by watch owner. 

I suggest we change the date on this watch to 1946 based on case SN. It's easy for me to do. I'd like to get at least one panel members to agree and I'll change it.

I'd vote for a 1946 Craftsman "A". 

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Posted November 16, 2012 - 4:03am


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Posted November 16, 2012 - 11:25am

Will, I agree with your Tuxedo/Craftsman criteria with the exception being that the white gold Craftsman isn't mentioned in the ads. Until it is I will stick with id'ing it as the Tuxedo. I've pointed out in another watch record the conspicuously absent white Craftsman in the ad linked to by Mark on page 4 of this post.