Bulova 1940 Lone Eagle

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26.1mm approx. x 19.15mm approx
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10AE AAA 21j, believe there was a long discussion about this a lil while back

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Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
1940 Bulova watch
FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted March 26, 2012 - 5:43am

Yes, it's fairly obvious Your Watch is the 'AMBASSADOR' jared, what is the Case length lug to lug?

Posted March 26, 2012 - 10:10am

IMO, the only thing that is obvious here is that you are making assumption after assumption and confusing them with actual fact.

Measurements would constitute actual facts and something worth discussing.

We have one ad that shows one variant--the "A"--of this style of Lone Eagle.  We have no information regarding what the Lone Eagle without a variant designation, or the "B", or the "C", etc., etc., would look like.  It is quite possible, perhaps even likely, that one of them was designed for a leather band and would not have the lug extensions.

The Ambassador has a different size case and takes a different crystal.  Both sets of dimensions are needed to know what this watch is.

P.S.  Question:  Have we ever seen this style of Ambassador with an engraved bezel?

Posted April 6, 2012 - 11:26pm

24.10 mm High x 18.00mm Wide

digitally measured..finally!!!!!... :D


Measured width and height distance from inside grooves.

Posted April 6, 2012 - 11:47pm

Too big for a LE crystal, so that would put it as an Ambassador, or unknown with the engraving along the sides


Looks like someone had fun cleaning the dial...

DarHin's picture
Posted April 7, 2012 - 8:31am

The 1943 GS catalog list's the MT346-23, 23.9x17.9, as fitting the Lone Eagle.

Posted April 7, 2012 - 8:40am

The Ambassador crystal is 24.1mm x 17.8mm (G-S MT349-25), as stated in G-S Catalog No. 43.

DarHin's picture
Posted April 7, 2012 - 10:15am

You are correct. And, Jared's watch appears to be only contoured from top to bottom as the MT349-25 is.

BTW, according to the '43 GS catalog, the MT349-25 also fits the Bulova...

Commodore, Major, Montgomery, Webster

and Hamilton Sutton.


shooter144's picture
Posted April 7, 2012 - 8:06am

The grooves on mine all 3 of mine are part of the lugs, not the spring bars. Not sure how the grooves would make a differance as to strap or bracelet, unless they are actually removable, as to allow a strap of a larger (width)  than bracelet size to fit better???

Posted April 21, 2012 - 8:16pm

Two of mine have grooves on the lugs and one does not. No engraving on any of the three.


FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted April 21, 2012 - 8:55pm


The grooves on the lug help keep a strap centered,.... but don't take My word for it.