Bulova 1941 Ambassador

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18.06mm wide x 24.15mm long
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This case was discussed on the forum with a movement in it and is almost identical to that one with the exception of the lack of an engraved line around each lug near the end, otherwise it is identical.The back is signed on the inside and outside and is marked 10k gold filled and the back is all gold filled on the outside. The reciever for the movement on the inside of the back is round and the case is slightly curved. The distance between the lugs on each end is 9.50mm. The bracelet is probably original and is marked Krestenmade and is 1/20 10k gold filled as well.

This case is just too beautiful to not get the correct movement put in it and I'm not into creating a frankenbully.

Please contact me by PM if you need to.

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Bulova watch 01-27-12
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
Posted March 26, 2012 - 10:09am

The only ad we have for the Lone Eagle is for the "A" variant.  We do not know what other variants would have looked like.  They may or may not have had the groves on the lugs, taken a different band, had a gold back, had a different jewel count, etc.

We also know that stainless steel backs started appearing around 1940, so any LE made before then would likely have had a gold back. . .which would explain why several of us have LEs (as determined by the case and crystal size) with gold backs dated prior to 1940 and, thus, prior to the LE A ad.

AGAIN, we only have one ad for one variant.  It surely does not define every option for the model.  If it did, why bother with a variant designation?  Based on the number of us who have this model dated prior to 1940--which is the date of the LE A ad--there certainly was at least one earlier version.

What we can reasonably rely on at this point as fact--versus assumption--is that the Ambassador and LE have different sized cases and crystals, and the Ambassador had 21 jewels.