Bulova 1943 Director

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14k Red Rolled Gold Plate, Original two-tone Varient Dial, Blue Steel Hands, Original Flex Let 1/20 12k Rose Gold Expansion Bracelet. Older red/pink Case & Tags not correct to Watch Model and year.

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Bulova Director watch
1943 Bulova watch
1943 Bulova watch
1943 Bulova watch
1943 Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
JEV1A's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 3:50pm

Thanks for your comments.. dial variants are hard to find. This dial is unrestored and hands are blue steel radium. Case has some wear though at lug bottoms, stainless curved back is flawless. Not even a mark where you lift case back. Shows signs of excellent handling and maintenance. Rare these days.. nice example of Bulova Director from 1941 which the case or 1943 which is the movement. Check out my American Eagle also with 2-tone dial.. Is the Rubiyat a Woman's ornate watch?

bobbee's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 4:06pm

Depends on the date buddy.

In the 1960's The Rubaiyat line are men's solid gold cases with diamonds surrounding the dial, very ornate!

The earlier models are either solid gold or gold filled cases, often with ornate engraving to the case and sometimes to the dial too. They date from 1916-17 to 1920-21, and only ads for women's have been found.

FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 7:31pm

The Case serial number entered by the Watch Owner indicates a production Year of 1941. 

Hands are Blued Modern style (BM) not Radium. http://www.mybulova.com/sites/default/files/uploaded_photos/Bulovahandst...

Can We see the Movement and Caseback?

JEV1A's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 11:27pm

Bulova advertises this model Director as Luminous! So therefore I presumed that day-glo was brushed on the hands. Yes, radium was no longer is usage in that time period. The hands still have that purple / blue gloss look to them.

JEV1A's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 11:30pm

We are only allowed so many photos to post, I will have to delete a pic and post more pics of caseback and movement. I'll do so ASAP. Thanks! , JEV

JEV1A's picture
Posted May 17, 2013 - 1:13am

I just uploaded new pics.. thanks, JEV

Posted May 16, 2013 - 9:29pm

I would say unknown for now, '41 case '43 movement, case looks like a Director, the dial is not shown in any Director ads, but is found on many other Bulova models of the late 30's early 40's models.

It could be a dial variant, but it could have had a movement/dial swap at one time also.

JEV1A's picture
Posted May 16, 2013 - 11:41pm

I have not seen yet this specific dial anywhere! The closest is that ad of The Director from 1943 that shows this dial but with numbers and not roman numerals as what I have. It most certainly is a Director and I don't think a swap has been made but one really never knows that for sure. I don't like the idea of posting a watch that is "unknown". I feel the Model is correct. The problem everyone seems to have are the dates of the movement and case are different. I have a AA and the case is a LO and the Movement a L1. I have encountered this before. But I think my dial has everyone thrown for a loop. If it remains "Unknown" I'll delete it and post my other 46' Director instead. Thanks for all the research, JEV

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William Smith
Posted May 21, 2013 - 12:04am

Club 5000Panel Member

Hi JEV   Deletions are not an option.  When folks enter a watch on site, all the information and discussion etc- meaning your and our hard work and discussion- would also be deleted if the watch record were allowed to be deleted.  All the discussion in this record helps with both this and other watch ID's, so we have disabled the option to delete the watch record.  For adding more photos, you can also post extra photos in the "additional comments" field in the root record, or add them in comments fields. 

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William Smith
Posted May 16, 2013 - 10:17pm

Club 5000Panel Member

ditto what Old Tickers says for now.  In the right hand inside corner of the red velvet box....Do i see the NRA insignia?   I would be hesitant to use a price from a box that may not be original, but if it is original (which I always doubt) it would show a slightly increase over the ad price for the less fancy dial....