Bulova 1943 Military Issue "8 Day"

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Model ID rating explained.
8 Day
Manufacture Year: 
Movement Model: 
Movement Serial No.: 
Case Serial No.: 
Case shape: 
Case Manufacturer: 
Crystal Details: 
Glass 51mm
Additional Information: 

Got this in terrible condition. It had been poorly serviced, broken balance, and as dirty like it had been through a war............. 

It was photographed without the crystal to avoid reflection. 

Not For Sale
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Posted April 26, 2013 - 9:50am

I vote for 21A1 

Posted April 26, 2013 - 11:29am

The MF part actually reads 21AE not 21A1. Sorry I forgot to confirm that earlier. 

Posted April 26, 2013 - 5:03pm

Club 5000Panel Member

So are we good with Military '8 Day' or Military '21AE'?

Although I feel the 21AE is the movement model and not necessarily the watch model.

Posted April 26, 2013 - 5:25pm

Not that my vote counts but i think Military 8 Day is better. 

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted April 26, 2013 - 6:14pm

Club 5000Panel Member

I agree Military 8 day is better!!

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted April 26, 2013 - 5:29pm

Club 5000Panel Member

We do have the ability/option to place some info on a (tentative) model ID in the "variant field".  If we went with one field- the "model ID" as say "Military 8 day" we could use the variant field for the "21AE" part of the info.  I do agree this is kinda redundant as it's the movement model.  We could also "reverse" the info above, entering the "21AE" as the model ID, and use the variant field for "Military 8 day".  Either, or, or niether....  What conveys the most info about the model name while following our usual protocol?   We can always be "wrong" adn change later....or unknown is an option too I guess.
I didn't help much did I :)