Bulova 1945 Conrad

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14k Gold Filled Rose Gold. Case, Dial and movement signed Bulova. Blue spear hands and sub sec hand. Dots of silver and dashes of gold for numerals. Black seconds track. Lugs pivot. Dial is rose gold colored. This watch has been discussed before and is supposed to be a Conrad. Needs a crystal and I would prefer a glass one.

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Bulova watch
1945 Bulova watch
1945 Bulova watch
1945 Bulova watch
1945 Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Posted August 13, 2012 - 8:22pm

Thanks Will. I guess it's just like me to come up with a weird one to start the ball rolling. I have more to finish up and will be posting them too. I try not to put anything on that I haven't finished and know it's running well. I have quite a few automatics that will take a little longer as I am just learning how to fix them. Boy are they a strange new experience for me. Especially the ones with date wheels.

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Reverend Rob
Posted August 13, 2012 - 10:29pm

Panel Member

If you look at the subject caseback, it is custom fit to the 8AE. An 8AH would not fit in that, so in order to swap movts, you need the case back that goes with the specific movt. The 8AH is a different shape, owing to the fact that it is an entirely different calibre, by a different company. (eta) Now, the outer dimensions of the caseback are the same, since they used the two movts in the same watch at different points, so it is theoretically possible to just swap movts with their casebacks into the other half of the case. That said, it makes sense that the caseback serial number and movt date shouldn't be too far apart, as they are made for each other. There would be no way to tell for sure if the case front or bezel is matched to the back, since either would work. 


Posted August 14, 2012 - 12:39am

Well crap, it gets stranger and stranger. I don't know what to think at this point. Rob thanks for the input and I hope we get this sorted out.

Any one want to buy a weirding way watch?? If I don't get this sorted out I will be forced to put it up on the bay to some one who doesn't really care about the strangeness of the situation, just wants a lovely watch that keeps great time.

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Reverend Rob
Posted August 14, 2012 - 10:33am

Panel Member

I don't think it's that strange, actually. The caseback is designed to take the earlier movt, and despite what the movt is stamped, the caseback serial is what it is, and intended for the earlier movt. The earlier movt was in use by Bulova til 1949, so it is not out of place. The type of movt is correct for this piece, the only slightly odd thing is the spread in the dates. The movt itself could have been replaced with another of the same kind, albeit a year or so older. I wouldn't sell it for this reason. We don't know for certain if the movt is original to the watch, but it is certainly model correct and not that far off in the date either. The newer movt, 8AH, was first used by Bulova in 1944, and there may have been quite a few of the older ones, the 8AE, still kicking around that needed to get used. 

Anyway, Conrad, 1945. 

Posted August 14, 2012 - 10:41am

Thank you all for the diligent work and investigation that went into validating this lovely watch.

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Posted August 14, 2012 - 3:09pm

"Well Mark has opened another worm can"


What Worm Can would that be?


"If you look at the subject caseback, it is custom fit to the 8AE"

agreed Reverand.

20 Minutes spent with a die grinder or similar could easily fit an 8AE to an 8AH Caseback.

vintagebulova.com's picture
Posted August 14, 2012 - 4:51pm

Club 5000

Here is a Conrad caseback from an 8AH.  I have no doubt whatsover that the 8AE was also fitted to Conrads. Very unlikely that an 8AH caseback was modified to hold an 8AE.





Posted August 14, 2012 - 5:30pm

Panel Member

Mark, The worm can could be a case back swap which you had suggested as a possibity and I tried it. My 42 8Ae caseback fits the 1946 8AH bezel perfectly. So never mind the movement the caseback was originally intended for, the casebacks regardless of movement can be swapped out, as you suggested.

I was in agreement with your previous thoughts. It could have gone either way and you don't need to be a machinist to do it. All you need is a good caseback from another year regardless of the movement grade the caseback is designed for. It will fit the bezel, i've just done that.

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Posted August 14, 2012 - 6:20pm

I dunno Jay,

a close look at this particular inner Caseback shows some rough edges that don't look 'factory'. - It would be simple to widen a Caseback designed for the 8AH to fit an 8AE. 

I still think the Movement is retro fit by a Watchmaker or ?  which expains the 1942 Movement in a '45 back but that's just Me.

Do We see a 1945 8AE, anywhere?


FifthAvenueRestorations's picture
Posted August 14, 2012 - 6:28pm

* Checking the Movement database We have an 8AE dated to 1946 so it's highly probable that the subject Watch came with an 8AE originally.

My bad Gents, good call Jay.