Bulova 1953 Jefferson

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I believe my watch is another version of 1953 Academy Award watch, possibly Jefferson, based on my search on this site. It's missing the crown. I have taken it apart for identification and as you will see in the pictures the watch has aged. I received this watch from my step father who said it was given to him as a gift by a relative in the mid sixties when he first moved to New York. The back of the casing has lettering that it is 10k Rolled Gold. The inside of the casing has the wording Bulova Sixth Ave New York. There is a capital letter A marked at an angle to the right of the main lettering. Also, above the inside stamp there is an engraving with a date and initials. Possibly a service date and I will post the date when I have a moment. I believe the date is 8-23-66RCT. When I opened the back there was a tiny black or blue loose screw and the figure 8 metal piece that you will see missing from the inside middle. Not sure how to describe it but there are three of these in the top left. Also, different with this and the few other 1953 is the blue second hand and square box around it. The case and inside the watch is marked L3. The expandable band is marked "Baldwin ®...Pat Pend". I also believe it is labeled 10 k gold. I will update once I look at it again.

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Blackbird 1953 Bulova jefferson 11 21 2014
1953 Bulova watch
1953 Bulova watch
1953 Bulova watch
1953 Bulova watch
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William Smith
Posted February 21, 2013 - 10:23pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Four folks say Jefferson.  Five if you count the tentative ID Blackbird made when entering the watch.  Don't know how that translates to "votes" but it sounds like Jefferson ID is a good one.

Posted February 22, 2013 - 3:00pm

Thank you for the replies. I want to update the additional information I had on the watch markings. Regarding the inside of the case there is what appears a service date engraving. The date is 8-23-66KCT and above this are the numbers 533. Also, on the expandable band markings are as follows: "Baldwin ®, 1/20 10kt G.F. Top, All other parts 100% stainless steel, Pat. Pend".

Posted February 21, 2013 - 11:40pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Jefferson.. I had an NOS one of these I sold a few weeks ago.  

Posted February 21, 2013 - 11:47pm