Bulova 1959 Craftsman

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1959 Bulova Craftsmen
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William Smith
Posted December 12, 2011 - 3:59pm

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This is the only ad i see in the database ranging from 1953 throught 1960.  Looks like the dial in this ad is not two-tone, yet I see a few two-tone examples in the database.  I'll get to the library (again) and look through the period rags and see if/what I can see.  I've got two I'm gonna add to database: Left is L3 8AC 21j w/ L4 caseback.  Right is L7 8AC 21j w/ L8 caseback.  Someone got carried away with electroplatting on the charcoal dial example I have....as I can just faintly see the dedication to KEN and the other markings are not as easy to read as my 1954 caseback.