Bulova 1960 Minute Man

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I know very little about this watch except I thought it was a Moonbeam, until I could not find it in the pull down menu above. I don't have the skill to remove the back.

Fully working and keeps good time. It has Bulova M0 stamped on the case.

It is difficult to take a nice photograph because of the shape of the crystal. I paid £60 for it, how did I do ?

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Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted April 3, 2012 - 2:00pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Nice looking watch. There has been some discussion about the 17 jewel print on these types of dials.  Both the location of the 17 Jewels, and on which dials it appeared, if any. 

Posted August 4, 2012 - 8:02pm

I would say you did pretty well for what you paid. It is a lovely watch and appears to be in excellent condition. Nice find.

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted August 4, 2012 - 9:14pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Nice watch.  I see Bulova listed sales of a Moonbeam, Model number 31755 for $49.50 from January 1955 through Fall 1961.  It was not listed in the 1964 model price list. 
The earliest date price list we have is Jan 1955, so this does not address when Moonbeam first appeared, nor does it tell us anything else about the model.  I can't find a Moonbeam ad on site btwn 1955 -1962.

bobbee's picture
Posted January 26, 2013 - 5:31pm

Minuteman. Knew I had seen it somewhere.

1962 ad.

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted January 26, 2013 - 5:41pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Good on Bobbee.  Looks like the Minuteman to me.

Posted January 29, 2013 - 1:42am

Has my vote for Minuteman