Bulova 1962 Accutron SpaceView "B"

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Genuine Bulova Accutron Spaceview "B" 1210-E3 Yellow Dot Crystal 30.55mm
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USA Made M2(1962) Spaceview 'B". Watch is in Stainless Steel/w Correct SS Applied Logo Kreisler Coffin Link Bracelet.This watch was handed down to me and was originally purchsed by my Grandfather. This Spaceview "B" has the correct 30.55 Yellow Dot Crystal, correct 214 movement Dated M1 (1961)/w the correct snap back setting stem only seen on M0-M2 accutrons. The Yellow Dot hands are original/w the Gold Centers and somewhat faded but original Yellow Paint. Also as noted in the pic, original Yellow Dot hands (Minute hand and second hand are curved at the tips). The M1 movement has the correct 5 solder point 3 wire electronics box with the Transister at the bottom which is only found on M0-M2 movements and has no patent markings at the bottom of this movement which is common for these early movements. Advertsied as Style # 21013 with Case # 2362. This Spaceview "B" was serviced in 2010 (phased only with no parts replaced) so it runs great. It sat in a family case from 1976 when my Grandafther died till 2010 when I became the caretaker of it. 

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1962 Accutron Spaceview Bulova watch
1962 Bulova watch
1962 Bulova watch
1962 Bulova watch
1962 Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
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Posted October 22, 2016 - 9:50am

Here is another example of a case and movement stamping that 'now' differs from what the component layout would show as correct.


   This is "another" of my 1962 Spaceview 'B's. The top pic was how I purchased it and it was not running (pre-repair). Besides a little variation in a worn crystal design, it looks exactly like the Spaceview "B" as far as 3 wire layout that I originally posted as the "Main Example" . Note the two circles. 

Now this is what the same 1962 Spaceview "B" looks like after sending it out for repair. I made the mistake of not stressing the fact that I wanted the watch to look the same as it went out for repair. So the original early style 3 wire coil assy was replaced along with the tuning fork assy (now Stamped) as noted in the two white circles. This watch now looks like a repaired 1963-1964 Spaceview "B" because they changed out the original 3 wire coil/component assy with a newer one, probably more readily available combo compared to the old early 3 wire coil assy. The early coil assy are very difficult to find. The crystal was replaced with an NOS crystal also. 

*Note: Both the above 3 wire 5 solder point component layout (MO-M2) and the later 3 wire layout M3-M6+-) below are how the two 3 wire layouts should always look like. If its a 3 wire assy, it should look like one of these two examples.  

  So I have two 1962 Spaceview "B"s. Both have M1 movements but one example looks more like a M3 Spaceview now even if the case says M2 and the movement says M1. Below are the two I own and as you can see the left one is the repaired one that changed the look. The right one is the one that represents this 1962 Spaceview 'B" Model example in the OP. Hope this helps some in Spaceview "B" detail. Chris

Left (Repaired M2 "B")     Right (Original M2)

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Captain Crandall
Posted November 3, 2016 - 12:41am

These might help with IDing the 214's first two years...

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William Smith
Posted November 5, 2016 - 11:13pm

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Great Info all around!  
I'm three ticks as ID'ed!