Bulova 1964 -Unknown

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February 6, 2013    This was my grandmothers watch, its a ladies Bulova, it's dainty.  10kt Rolled Gold Plate, Bulova M4, Serial # U48512, 17 Jewels.  Still has all the diamond chips around the ends of the case and and two diamond chips on each side of the band.  Still runs and keeps perfect time.  Still in pretty good condition, could use a bit of cleaning.

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Bulova watch
1964 Bulova watch
Posted February 6, 2013 - 6:08pm

Very lovely watch. Get it serviced so you will keep having a great time piece.

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted February 6, 2013 - 7:49pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Great Picture and great family heirloom.  Greeneyes52- can we get a few more pictures- like the inside and outside of the case back, and movement- if possible?  You noted the movemnt model was a 5AR, so I'm guessing you had it opened up at some time.  Please and thanks.

Posted February 6, 2013 - 9:04pm

I put another picture of the insides up, the best I could get the shot.

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William Smith
Posted February 6, 2013 - 10:39pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Thanks for the new pictures. 

Geoff Baker
Posted February 7, 2013 - 6:50am

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I find this watch as "Her Bulova" in a 1967 ad - duh, of COURSE it's hers!


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Posted February 7, 2013 - 9:10am

That's the one, Geoff! Shame there's no name....

Posted February 7, 2013 - 11:29am

That ad is the closest one I have seen, the only difference is the band itself.  Used my trusty magnify glass and the band is a Speidel band.

Posted February 7, 2013 - 12:24pm

Panel Member

"Her Bulova", I don't think that's an ID. Great ad showing the subject watch and though the band has probably been changed over the years, that's no big deal.

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted February 7, 2013 - 2:16pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Closest yet- "Her Bulova"- assuming that's the model name.  The ad states "white gold".  Can't tell if greeneyes watch has the faceted crystal-  but that's minor.
I'm good with Her Bulova, and would give two ticks.  
I can't imagine Bulova would name this something different if the ad stated "Yellow and White Gold".... or even "Yellow Gold".  Everything else appears to be a match.

bobbee's picture
Posted February 7, 2013 - 3:19pm

It's not the name, guys.
None of the watches in that ad have been named.