Bulova 1967 Banker "N"

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1"x 1"
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M7, Bulova, Roman Numerals used on face, wind wheel seperated into two parts, will wind but it will not function.

Not For Sale
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
Geoff Baker
Posted October 1, 2012 - 5:41am

Club 5000Panel Member

Agree - Unknown - Anxious to see it restored, wonderful family heirloom!

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted October 1, 2012 - 4:02pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Unknown ID for now. Nice Family heirloom!

Posted October 3, 2012 - 2:04am

Very nice watch and worth repairing and restoring.

Unknow from me for now.

Posted October 7, 2012 - 9:50am

If the watch will wind and but will not engage to begin keeping time, what is the most likely problem? Would it be the clutch or the spring?

I have not taken the movement apart yet.

I may have found a replacement crystal if  GS CMS 798-50 is the part number.



Reverend Rob's picture
Reverend Rob
Posted October 7, 2012 - 6:03pm

Panel Member

There are 200 reasons why a watch will stop. (See the full list in "Practical Watch Repairing", by DeCarle) Could be almost anything, from barrel tilt to hairspring issues, to just plain dirt or dry or even too much oil. Binding hands are also a common one. 

Does it wind and then resist winding, as if tight? Then your spring is at least unbroken. If there is no power to the escapement, you have issues in the train, if the escapement is under power, it's most likely hairpsring. In 99.9% of all watch services, the hairspring requires adjustment. Sometimes, heavy grease has been used in the barrel, which will eventually dry out and stick the coils together like glue. Magnetization will also stop the watch dead. 

Posted October 9, 2012 - 11:10pm

Right now I think I've wound the watch as far as it will go but it will not engage.

The stem is fully engaged and when I disengage it and then re-enage there still is "no start".

Thanks for the reference, I'll check it out.


bobbee's picture
Posted December 19, 2012 - 10:02am

1967 ad. BANKER "N".

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Posted December 19, 2012 - 1:17pm

Banker N

William Smith's picture
William Smith
Posted December 19, 2012 - 1:22pm

Club 5000Panel Member

Submited for ID review based on new ad.

Banker "N" from me!

Geoff Baker
Posted December 20, 2012 - 6:28am

Club 5000Panel Member

Agree Banker N