Bulova 1970 Sea King

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Hey all,

I dont really need a identification , i dont think, as i have seen this watch once before here , when  i was a lurker.

The case date code is a M0 . The model , as i understand it , is the Seaking "fl" . I have no idea what the fl means . So if anybody has that info , please by all means let me know.

The watch was another Fleabay find. It came with a second watch, a 1940's wind up bulova {im not done it yet}'The listing said the blue dialed whale bulova{the seaking} worked, but the timing was off. I got the auction for 30 bucks US . 

When i got the watch , the older bulova didnt work, it needs a clean and oiling. The Seaking came on a speidel stretch band{which i am no fan of} The case was scratched up badly, and the crystal was cracked badly and not usable .

It took a few days, but i ordered a new GSdivers type press fit crystal for it. I then serviced the movement, which was all it needed to run correctly. It keeps time just fine now. The watch winds up and runs nicely.

I relumed both the hands and the dial, as they both had that old lume that was turning brown black. 

I gently filed, sanded , and buffed out the case , with out deforming the case or ruining the water resistance. I also replaced the gaskets on the back end.

Then i put a new stainless steel bracelet on it that matched and fit well. The watch could be for sale, but for some reason the page wont let me keep the check mark by the for sale.

Hope you all like it.


Not For Sale
1970 Sea ing crotchhasteeh 01 09 2014
1970 Bulova watch
1970 Bulova watch
Posted May 12, 2013 - 7:13am

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My monitor must have the wrong colour calibration as the dial looks black to me.

But I'll take the word of the owner and agree with the Sea King "FL' if the dial is in fact blue.

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Posted May 14, 2013 - 12:54am

Look at the bottom pic, it's blue.