Bulova 1979 Accutron Quartz

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I am trying to find out any information possible about this time piece. I know what it is, who it was made for and when but that is all.

I was told there were approximately 10 of these made for certain employees of Schwepps.

Obviously being quite a rare watch but rare not always meaning its valubale, I would like to get some idea of the value for insurance purposes.

I didn't buy the watch for value, I actually bought it cause I love Bulova's ,it is a reminder of my childhood and the biggest part is my name is Rondo. Which is a difficult name to fine on anything. LOL.

I am by far no expert. I buy watches for the beauty of the piece. So my knowledge is very, very limited.

I don't know the movement etc. cause I don't want to risk trying to open the back. From what I can tell, the back is not marred so I don't believe anyone has tried opening it. Funny things is the watch runs and it runs strong.

It is an Accutron Quartz, it is stamped 10 R.G.P. on the back along with the date stamp N9.

Oh I also have the Owner's guide - Book NO.2, this was revised in 9/81 so not sure if original. However I did get the watch from the Schwepps employee it was made for and he said everything I have with the watch is everything he got when he received it.

The second photo is of a number which is on the side of the original secondary box.



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Bulova Watch
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Posted November 18, 2012 - 12:30am

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Accurton Quartz works.