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Ocean Clipper

Bulova 1957 Ocean Clipper

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Greetings all - my first post here.  Attached is a pic of my Bulova - one of a few that I have.  I received this watch about 6 years ago in a box of junkers that I bought as I needed a stem from a Wyler.  I ended up having a love hate relationship with it, as it would often stop - so I would forget about it, and on and on and back and forth.  Then, one day, I gave it *one* more chance, and I've been wearing it ever since - never stops, even after my wife accidentally washed my pants with it in my pocket.  Regrettably, I can not seem to get into the case.  I've pushed on the crystal, gently attempted prying, and well, it runs well, so I just haven't wanted to mess with it any more than I have.  After spending lots and lots of time looking at old adverts and other pictures here, there - and everywhere, as well as relevant threads on this site and others, I've come to the idea that this particular Bulova is either a Sea Clipper, or Ocean Clipper.  I assume the movement type would likely give further evidence, but I am hopeful perhaps someone can chime in on which of the two it may be based on the picture.  I realize this watch looks like it's been kicked under the seat of a U-Haul truck the last 30 years, but - well, I just happen to really like it.  

On the back case, it is waterproof, antimagnetic, self winding, shock resistant, stainless steel case.  There is no gold or yellow.  The numbers on the dial are raised - and the markers are distinctive.  The hands look to be luminescent in part.  There is a serial number on the outer back case as well, which I *think* is not relative to anything - unless what I've read about those numbers is incorrect.  It is number 214380.

Any help/ideas - would be most greatly welcomed.  





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