1959 Sea King gaskets

Submitted by levine98 on October 26, 2022 - 1:29pm


I've been working on restoring two late 1950s Sea Kings (I think).

One of the things I was not able to accomplish is fitting a fresh gasket to case. This is supposed to be a waterproof watch, but when I first cracked open the case I had to remove the old gaskets because they were deteriorated beyond use. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any NOS gaskets for this watch, and none of the flat gaskets I have in my assortment package from Otto Frei come close to fitting (all too wide plus too small or too large diameter).

I tried carving up one from my assortment pile to make it fit, but it is very sloppy and I know it is not right.

Any suggestions where I can source the right gaskets for this case? It's a lovely watch but I'd hate to put it out for re-sale without the proper casing (and thus have to make sure whomever purchases it understands it is not even water resistant in its current state).

Dial side


gasket location